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Anyone transition from relaxer to texturized look?

Hi there, I couldn't find anything using the search function, so hopefully this is not too repetetive. I decided two months ago,after massive breakage, to stop getting relaxers at the Salon I had been going to. To make a long story short, I purchased PCJ lye relaxer and applied it to my own hair, for somereason it loosened the curl, but did not straighten the hair, I later realized the relaxer was packaged in 1999, so I am not sure if that was the reason it did not take as well. Anyway, I noticed that the "newly relaxed" hair actually looks more wavy, like texturized or a wave perm. So it got me thinking, would it be possible to transition toatally into this kind of look. My thinking is that as I got new growth, I could blow it out or flat iron it if I wanted a straighter look. I am getting about 1 inch or more per month, so I am thinking it should not be too difficult, the only thing is I don;t know if this kind of transition can be done with minimal damage. I have also thought about transitioning to natural, but since I had massive breakage from the relaxer at the salon, I know, I would have to have a shaved head for a while, to even everything out, even with my rapid growth, and I am not ready for that. Anye experiences, or comments are appreciated. Thanks.


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Hello sunshine!
I am floating in the same boat.

The search feature was changed recently.
I put a plus sign (+) in front of the words I'm looking for, or I put them in quotation marks.
Ex. +texturize +my +hair
Ex. +PCJ
Ex. "2 evils"

You'll find lotsa good info.
Over the long weekend, I read about other people transitioning to texturizing. Check out the year old thread called "What is the lesser of 2 evils?" that discusses texturizing options. From what I recall, Miosy has done the transition OK and says her texturized hair is stronger than her relaxed hair. CurlyCrly texturizes at home regularly. Others didn't like the differences in 3 textures during the transition (straight vs wavy vs new growth), and did a corrective relaxer.

I plan to do my own PCJ lye touchup right before Xmas break.
The ladies here say PCJ is very mild. I'll only leave it in 5-10 minutes smoothing with my gloved fingers and NOT a comb. I hope that texturized hair won't fight as much with the new growth. I hope it's stronger, too.

I'm quitting the salon and the full relaxer because
1. $6 <<< $85
2. My stylist relaxes my hair too straight by combing the new growth with a rat tailed comb while the relaxer is in. My fine, 4b relaxed hair is WEAK now!

3. I really must touch up after an inch of new growth, else tangles and breakage. I was waiting 8 weeks as a rule and getting breakage weeks 6-8.

Questions for you:
-What's your hair type?
-How long did you leave in the PCJ? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
-Any smoothing or combing?
-Did you rinse it out in the shower or sink?
-HOW DO YOU TELL when the PCJ was packaged? Where's the expiration date or time stamp? I can't find it.

Happy texturizing,


To each his own. :)
The difference in textures would depend on how straight your previously relaxed hair is AND how much curl/wave is left in the texturized hair AND the difference in textures between those and the new growth.

It could spell trouble for you, expecially since your straight hair is already breaking. The extent of the problems will depend on how you intend to wear your hair. If you are able to wear a wash n' go, twists, or some other minimal manipulation style for a while, that would be good.