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ApHOGEE Treatment for Damage Hair is DA BOMB!


New Member
I know it's been said, but ladies ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair is the bomb!

I have one section in the back that's very brittle because of my sleeping on it without my hair covered (I know...bad bad bad). Well even though I've been covering my hair and moisturizing nightly I was still having a lot of breakage/shedding.

So I decided to bust out with da hard core protiens: ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair. I washed my hair with my Nexxus, then towel dried. I put the treatment in concentrating it in the area that was breaking and then just used my hand held dryer to make it hard ( I didn't use the bonnet dryer cause I didn't put the ApHogee all over...just in the back). Once it was dry I got back in the shower and rinsed for about 5 minutes. My hair was very soft after rinsing, but felt stronger. I then used the Balancing Moisturizing conditioner from ApHogee mixed with my Nexxus. My hair was silky soft, but not a broken hair in the comb.

This morning after sleeping with my Castor oil my hair was very soft and silky but not a hair in site when I ran my fingers through the area that was breaking before.

If anyone is experiencing breakage or excessive shedding let me personally recommend this product. It's WONDERFUL, and will become a regular part of my extended regimen. I'll be using it every 6 weeks as recommended.