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Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair

I managed to find the old Aphogee hard core treatment at several beauty supply stores where I live. Looking at the ingredients, the former bottle is slightly different from the new one. Is the formulation for the Aphogee Treatment for Damage Hair in the square white bottle (with the large black A) better/more potent than the Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment sold at Sallys? Is one better than the other? If so, how? The first Aphogee was made by a company in Canton , MA called Pantresse, Inc while the second bottle is made by Alberto Culver?

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Odd One

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hmmm i would like to know this too.. cuz i ordered some aphogee green tea/keratin spary and the ingredients looked different from what was on the folica website...


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okay...I'm new to this site and I'm seeing abbrevisions I never seen before...what is textlaxed?