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April 2021 What Did You Buy This Week? (Hair Care Edition)

january noir

Sunny On a Cloudy Day
Pattern Beauty
Curl Gel - loved the sample I got with my previous order so ordered the full size
Treatment Mask
Styling Cream

I can't wait to try it!
It is thick and white, but once it dries down, it makes my hair wavy and keeps it sleek and moisturized (I have fine hair but I like thick products). I had the small jar and went through that so fast (I'm heavy-handed), I said, "stop playing, January Noir and get the big jar." :giggle:

january noir

Sunny On a Cloudy Day
Oh! I forgot! I also purchased Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Pink Jasmine Peony, from QVC.

The scent is strong and florally (is that a word?) and I love it. The color of the bottle makes me happy too.
I know my hair is going to smell lovely.
The kicker is that when it was delivered, the shipper damaged the box and the bottom of the bottle cracked and some product came out in the box.
I called QVC and they sent a replacement, however, I was able to salvage the cracked bottle (duct tape and a plastic bag).
Now I have two bottles...:grin: