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Are there any transitioners/long stretchers that use hardcore protein?


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Hardcore protein (Nexxus Emergenceé) worked very well for me as a relaxed head. But now i'm 20 weeks in to my transition my new growth needs more moisture than anything else and my relaxed hair is breaking, but i'm not sure whether my new growth is gonna like the Emergenceé treatment at all. I've been using heat on my new growth so i guess thats one reason for protein but it's not damaged so i don't know what to do.


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I'm 21 weeks post (stretcher)...I've been using Aphogee 2-step to keep my hair strong. I also have Emergencee, but it doesn't work as well for me. For moisture I DC weekly, pre-poo with a cheapy conditioner and co-wash 1-2x a week.

After I co-wash I air dry in braids because I think heat would suck the moisture right out of my coarse hair.


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I Stretch usually between 12-16 Weeks, so for me, implementing a Reconstructor into my Weekly Regimen has helped tremendously.:yep:

I will use something in the Light/Med Range i.e. Giovanni Nutra-Fix, AG Fast Food, Millennia Mud, Alterna Hemp Repair, Sebastian Penetraitt, Nexxus Keraphix, Tigi Dumb Blonde, Joico K-Pak , Ion Intensive Treatment etc...(depending what I feel my hair 'needs' that particular wash day:look:).

For Me, The Use of a Weekly Reconstructor really has helped. The Week Before My Relaxer is when I will use my Nexxus Emergency or another Heavier Protein Treatment.:yep:


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i've noticed something similar, OP. hardcore protein worked very well for me when i was fully relaxed, but now i'm almost 19 weeks post & i find that i need more moisture than protein.

i've never used nexxus emergencee, but the aphogee 2-step treatment has never done me wrong. i make sure to follow up with a DEEP conditioner that i keep on for at least 1/2 an hour with heat. i'm due for one in the next few washes, so hopefully it'll turn out well :yep:


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My regimen.
I wash with baking soda once every 10-14 days. Deep condition with whatever i feel i need. Either with aPoHee 2 min, le kair cholestoral, aussie 3 min. When relaxed i did the Emergenceé then keracare humecto when ever i needed. Then i air dry in 6 plaits, then flat iron the next day. Then i moistursise and oil when needed normally like once every 3 days.

But thing is i've never stretched this long. And i've heard that hardcore protein is not needed or bad for natural hair. I just wanted to see if people were using it on their new growth. (thanks to the people who have answered so far) I guess i'll just have to try and find out.


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I'm 22 weeks post and I use the aphogee 2 step hard core on my relaxed ends. I love love love aphogee 2 min,and joico reconstructor. I use it on my entire head to keep the line of decarmation strong. I follow up a moisturizing con under a my steamer. I'm 3 a/****.


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im 14 weeks post and i jst use ors hair mayo on my whole head and its enough protein for my relaxed ends and enough moisture for my roots. hth