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Asian Hair Secrets


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I though this might be a good supplement to the post about Asian hair started by honey jammz82. I hope you find this information helpful.

One of the most striking features of tropical Asian women's beauty is their sleek and shiny hair. Historically their locks have been so lustrous precisely because of the lack of detergents available to them and their consequent reliance on nature's yield. Today, shampoo taken over from coconut oil for washing, but hair remains a major focus of beauty ritual and all manner of produce; flowers,oils, plants are regularly applied to keep it glossy. Added to this, the traditional Asian diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and oily fish is perfect for hair nourishment.

Creme Bath Hair Treatment

The creme bath is synonymous with hair salons everywhere in Asia where hair is a major focus of beauty ritual. It is one of the most popular methods of maintaining the sleek and shiny texture for which Asian women are renowned.

Although often referred to as a 'traditional' head treatment, the creme bath is based on a manufactured product, namely a rich conditioning cream, whose thick glutinous consistency thoroughly coats the hair like icing. After steaming, it is washed off to leave hair superlatively soft and shiny.

Natural ingredients are often added to the creme bath product to treat specific hair conditions.

The therapists run their creme-coated fingers through section after section of hair leaving your head feeling cool, clammy, heavy and 'gooey'. Then lie back to the touch of rhythmic finger movements that massage the scalp and gradually move down the neck and shoulders. While you drift off into limbo, the creme is stimulating the scalp and the hair follicles and softening and strengthening the strands of hair.

Natural Creme Bath Addtives

Carrot: for hair growth

Henna: for nourishing dry or permed hair

Avocado: for feeding dry hair

Ginseng: for strengthening the hair roots

Celery: for increasing hair elasticity

Aloe vera: for a general hair food

Candlenut: for promoting glossy, dark hair

Seaweed: for stimulating hair growth

Egg: for healing dry hair and split ends.

Aromatherapy Scalp treatment

Ingredients : 10 mls (1 tbsp)hot macadamia oil, 5 mis (1/2 tsp) essential oil of your choice, 3 tbsp manufactured crème bath

Steps : Warm the macadamia oil in an aromatherapy oil burner with your choice of essential oils which are the active ingredients of this treatment (see below).The ratio between base and essential oils should be 2:1. Macadamia oil is used because, unlike the traditional coconut oil, it does not have an aroma that interferes with the scent of the essential oils.The oil is heated so that it penetrates the hair more easily. With your fingers, part the hair. Using a face mask applicator brush, smear the warm oil along the scalp line at one-inch intervals massaging with your finger tips as you go. When your scalp is fairly well covered with oil apply the creme bath from the roots to the ends of your hair and massage your scalp with finger tip pressure. Snap sections of your scalp between fingers and thumb for added stimulation. For best results, cover your head with a loose, clear shower cap and steam for 10-20 minutes, or leave for 20 minutes Shampoo several times to remove all traces of oil.

Best essential oils for the hair as recommended by the Spa at Bali Hyatt:

Dry hair: geranium, sandalwood, palmarosa, lavender

Damaged hair: geranium, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense

Blond hair: geranium, lemon, camomile

Grey hair: camomile, sage, lavender, rose

Hair loss: juniper, rosemary, lavender

Dandruff/excema: eucalyptus, rosemary, cedarwood,tea tree

Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

The leaves from the prolific hibiscus bush (tuaru) were commonly used for hair washing; in Indonesia before the advent of manufactured shampoo. When mashed these leaves excrete a sticky gel, similar to aloe vera.

Ingredients : large handful: hibiscus leaves to cover: water

Steps :Crush the leaves loosely in your hand and barely cover them with water. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain. The remaining liquid has a sticky, gel-like consistency which forms a lather when massaged Into the head. Rinse.

Coconut Milk
Young girls say their grandmothers still wash their hair with coconut milk. They use thick milk for washing and massaging lighter milk from a younger coconut for conditioning and rinsing.

Loosely grind a handful of rich candlenuts (kemiri nuts) until their oil starts to seep out. Pan fry them briefly. As they turn brown and their nutty aroma is released, smash them again. Massage the nut and the oil into the scalp and leave for 13 minutes. Myth has it that your hair will resist turning grey. Candlenuts also leave your hair super-shiny.

Merang Hair Treatment

Another great example where beauty thrives offnatures cast-offs is redundant rice crops (merang) which keep grey hair at bay. The merang head treatment has been practiced throughout tropical Asia for centuries.

Ingredients : one handful: merang - burnt rice paddy stalks one small bowl: water.

Steps : Soak the burnt rice stalks in the water overnight so that the ash comes loose and dissolves. Strain several times and keep the water. Pour thisinky liquid onto the head and rub into the scalp. Watch it foam like shampoo. The liquid has cleansing properties and acts as tonic. Your head will feel tingly and our hair soft and-clean. Any grey hairs will be dyed a darker shade. Although you do not need to have black hair for this treatment, blondes should not experiment! Locals claim that this treatment is most effective when regularly applied.

Hair Remedies

For Dry Hair
Massage the creamy insides of an avocado into clean dry hair and leave for 15-20 minutes. Massage coconut oil into your hair and leave for a few hours.Wash several times before your hair feels silky rather than oily.

For Lackluster Hair
Massage two large, grated carrots into damp or dry hair.Trap with a bath hat and leave for 15-20 min. Squeeze half a lemon into 200 mis (1 cup) of water and use the mixture as a final rinse after shampooing.

For Thinning Hair
Whisk two eggs and massage them into your hair. Wash off after ten minutes to enhance hair growth. Put several sticks of celery through a juicer and massage the juice into your scalp. Leave for 15 minute before washing.

For Thicker Hair
Aloe vera plants, known in Indonesia as 'alligator's tongue' because of their spiky appearance, grow wild throughout tropical Asia. Their thick spiny leaves contain a cooling sap, which is an elixir for heavy heads. More precisely this extract contains a natural tannin with an anti-inflammatory effect, and saponin.a natural emulsifler. Break open an aloe vera leaf with a knife to reveal a sticky juice. Massage the juice into the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off. Feel your scalp cool down and tingle.The aloe's active ingredients stimulate the follicles for a thick and fuller head of hair.

For Dandruff
Mix a large handful of crushed mint leaves into your conditioner and leave on the hair for 15-20 minute.

Information from "Asian Health and Beauty Secrets-Hair Story", www.99bali.com


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Great Info, I been to that site several times, that is a book, Am not sure what the name is but u can buy the whole book it has alot more info

I have a book called " Inner Peace Outer Beauty" By Michelle Dominique Leigh its about Asain beauty secret and how they wash thier hair, shampoo, comb and what they use, and about caring for the whole body, from teas and alot of other things, I cant find it right now, but its a good book if u have the money to spend on natural things, its still a good read and I really enjoy as soon as I find it I will post more if someone does not beat me too it
, but I got it for $16 in Seattle not looking for, never heard of it, but It was a good buy, I saw it only for about $ 4
if only I know early


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happylocks said:
Great Info, I been to that site several times, that is a book, Am not sure what the name is but u can buy the whole book it has alot more info

I have a book called " Inner beauty Outer Peace" By Michelle Dominique Leigh its about Asain beauty secret and how they wash thier hair, shampoo, comb and what they use, and about caring for the whole body, from teas and alot of other things, I cant find it right now, but its a good book if u have the money to spend on natural things, its still a good read and I really enjoy as soon as I find it I will post more if someone does not beat me too it
, but I got it for $16 in Seattle not looking for, never heard of it, but It was a good buy, I saw it only for about $ 4
if only I know early

[/ QUOTE ]

Happylocks, thanks. I would really like to read that book. I'm going to see if they have it at the bookstore , if not maybe they can order it for me.


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

Lol that did not take long, just hiding in my closet, ok

The book in broken into 3 part, Face, Hair, and Body, ill deal with hair:
( I have not tried any of these, but once I get money I will)

<font color="purple"> </font> I think everyone wants growth

Sesame Oil With Ginger

Stimulates Hair growth
Remedies falling Hair
Heals Scalp irritations
Allevites dandruff
Activates circulation

Notrecommended for sensitive scalps
Recommeded for tried hair, falling hair

Use as desired, as a prolonged ccure, 3 times weekly

Fresh Ginger Root
Sesame Oil

Grate a piece of giner root with a ginger grater, then squeeze in a piece of gauze. Discard solds and save ginger juice to mix in a 1:1 ratio with pure sesame oil, beating well with a whisk
Prepare fresh for each use

Directions For Use:
Use as a massage oil for the scalp, rubbing into the head and hair roots for 10 minutes prior to shampooing

This oil may also be left on the head as a pack treatment, though some skins may be irritated by ginger. If there is any stinging sensation, Was the oil form the hair at once, and decrease the quantity of ginger inf future mixtures.

Note: Us aas an occasional treatment or for special conditions

Side note: Though this treatment will leave you smelling fainly of the aromatic Chinese Kitchen, its used to stimulate hair growth and alleviate a hair loss problem, so perhaps this noble aim can justify the somewhat pungent frangrance.


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Crushed Camellia Nut Shampoo

Cleans slightly
Nouishes Scalp and hair
Improves Texture and Contdition

Recommended for dry or damaged hair
use weekly

Nuts from Camellia Tree

Place 30 nuts in a large scrubbing bad, tied tightly with a cord, Strike the bag repeatedly against a hard surface to shatter the nuts and cause the emergence of camellia oil.

Directions For Use:
Rub the bag toroughly and gently over the scalp and unmoistened hair, The movement of the strokes must be as for brushing form the roots of the hair to the ends. This is a "dry" shampoo, so no use of water is required. Because this technique leaves hair oiled, it may be most appreciated by those with very thick or curly hair, hair that is fine or thin will seem lank.

Side note:

Modern women of many clutures are in the habit of shampooing daily, then inundating thier heads with conditioners, treatments creams, rinses, serums, and balms to give hair body, texuter, and shair, A simpler method was followd in earlier times: Women not only washed their h air much less frequently, but often noureshed and styled it with use of oil. Their hair was undoubtedly very healthy, if aesthetically unappealing by present standards. The Japanese Crushed Camellia Nuts Shampoo is an ancient ancesor of the many Camellia shampoos now produced in Japan. The friend who described the Shampoo method to me said, "First you crash the bag to crush the nuts."


pm me if u want others, if u do try it keep updates


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Hey joy the info u got was from this book, am not sure if its both or just one,but at amazon u can get it used for less then $3 Books

an the one I have for less then $3 dollor used


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

Happylocks, thanks. Girl you are a wealth of information. I'm going to order those from Amazon.

Also do you know anything about boiling macerated peach kernels in vinegar until they become thick for hair growth? I've seen this in several books before but never with an exact ratio. Let me know. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

ur welcome, But Ive never heard of that,and I dont see it, I only have 2 books, sorry


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

add some more: There are some many sites, I have Methi(Fenugreek) and I want too know how too use it, for hair and for eating, I tried too eat it it was not that good, and some of the hair recipes Will be hard too wash out, but I will try them,

. Wash and clean a bunch of Methi leaves in water. Without adding water, add black pepper, a few drops of lemon and salt to taste and boil. Churn this in a mixer or juicer and drink this concoction. Drinking this regularly will increase hair growth.( Tried that one, lasted one today)




Exotic Oils and Butters
Exotic Oils are found in different parts of the world. In the west, interest in these oils is growing as science is now beginning to validate what has long been known in other parts of the world: That these oils have therapeutic and functional properties. Some are rich in specific essential fatty acids, or high oxidative stability. Others have rejuvenating and healing properties, natural vitamins or very specific functions that make them unique.

Exotic Butter is a soft waxy substance that forms a solid or semisolid at ambient temperatures. These exotic butters are a group of natural fats with a high content of symmetrical monounsaturated triglycerides. AH of these butters contain. 50-60% of saturated fatty acids, mainly stearic acid, and up to 47% of monounsaturated oleic add. The plants are generally tropical jungle crops and production volumes can fluctuate, depending strictly upon the whims and fancies of nature. Attributes: narrow melting point, high content of saturated fatty acids, high in oxidation stability, viscosity and emulsion stability, and contains many ingredients that are beneficial for hair and skin.

Black Seed has been used by millions of people in Asia, Middle East, and Africa to promote health. But in addition to its impressive nutritional benefits, the Oil of Black Seed, which is extremely rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's), has been used as a natural beauty aid, as a natural skin moisturizer, and for scalp massage and hair care. Want to know Cleopatra's beauty secret? Here it is!

Calendula (Caltha officinalis) - A very healing and anti-inflammatory herb.

Cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum) - Cultivated mainly in India and Sri Lanka. Has a warm, sweet and spicy aroma. Also know to the Ancient Egyptians and used by the Greeks and Romans. It commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Has warming, tonic, stimulant, freshing, invigorating and digestive properties.

Carrot Root Oil is a golden coloured extract from carrots with extraordinary skin protection and conditioning benefits derived from the high quantities of oil soluble carotenoids that it contains. Carotenoids are a class of easily assimilated antioxidants, which are present in a wide range of fruits and vegetables but most abundant in carrots. Antioxidants protect human cells from harmful free-radical attack. Free-radicals are stray oxygen molecules that attack healthy cell walls and react with polyunsaturated fats to create a chain reaction of unlimited free-radical regeneration. Free-radicals are produced by a wide range of environmental pollutants, including UVR. If left unchecked by antioxidants, free-radicals damage both the structure and function of cell membranes, resulting in premature aging, cancer and an array of degenerative diseases.

Chamomile (Anthemis nobils) - A very gentle oil, used thousands of years ago to care for the skin, burns, cuts, eczema, inflammation, rashes and is very calming to the nerves.

Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus) - have analgestic qualities and are traditionally used for pain and relief, especilly for toothaches. They are used as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent, increase overall blood circulation and, when chewed, can stop excessive flatulence. It is a very stong and warm spice, one of my favorite to use all over the body.

Cocoa Butter. An unrefined, food grade butter obtained by pressing crushed seeds of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao. Cocoa butter is a well-known, valued ingredient in chocolate. In cosmetics, it is valued for its melting point, which is close to body temperature, its greasing and lubricating properties and emollient virtues. A compound of the oil phase, it provides skin conditioning and thickening attributes. Widely used in skin-care products, bath oils, night creams, suntan preparations, and lip make-up.

Jojoba Oil. Jojoba plant is native in arid parts of continental US particularly Arizona and in the northern part of Mexico. Not an oil, it is actually a liquid wax, with excellent penetrating qualities and great moisturizing attributes for the skin. Jojoba is very functional in hair care formulations; an excellent moisturizer on the hair shaft, it also cleans, softens and conditions hair and prevents brittleness. Penetrates down to the scalp and hair shaft to loosen and dissolves hardened and built-up sebum. Jojoba also exhibits an excellent keratoplastic effect and brings out the hair's natural shine and overtone.

Emu Oil - Ultra RefinedTM. is an incredible lipid replenishing ingredient which may be used in all types of skin care, cosmetic, soaps and OTC Pharmaceutical preparations. Emu Oil is legendary in Australia for its healing abilities for dry, irritated skin. It's unique penetrating properties make it an excellent carrier vehicle for other ingredients to assist their dermal penetration. It reinforces the skin lipidic barrier and helps maintain skin moisturization.

Galangal (Alpinia galaga) - is a rhizome in the ginger family. Because of its earthy and complex tangy taste unlike common ginger and its faint aroma of camphor it is used in traditional , warming body scrubs such as the Indonesian boreh.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) - ginger has thousands of years of use behind it as a medicine, tonic and spice. It is a key ingredient in Chinese medicine. It is great for digestive problems, colds and flu. It is also use to relieve aching muscles and increas blood circulation. Myth has it that ginger is key to assisting man's endurance in love-making due to the phallic shape of the rhizome.

Kokum butter. is obtained from the fruit kernel of Garcinia indica, which grows in the savanna areas in parts of the Indian subcontinent. It has very high content ofstearic-oleic-stearic triglycerides. It is the most stable and hardest exotic butter with a melting point of 38-40 C. It has good white color even without refining. Kokum butter has been used as an astringent, local application to ulceration and fissures of lips, hands, and sole.

Kukui Nut Oil. Kukui nut oil is a compound of the oily phase and contains essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acid), which are similar to skin lipids. Kukui nut oil presents moisturizing and restructuring effects on skin, film forming and conditioning on hair. Excellent for nourishing shampoo, anti-wrinkle creams, body massage oils, emollient creams for dry, sensitive and delicate skin; after sun-products; lip balms; softening or anti-aging creams.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) - is a hightly fragrant grass from India; in traditional medicine in India it is used to help treat fevers and infections. The oil is a very useful insect repellent and room deodorizer, it is excellent for oil/acne skin and is high in Vitamin A.

Macadamia Nut Oil. Macadamia specie is native to Australia and now cultivated in the islands of Hawaii. In addition to being a healthy food oil, Macadamia nut oil works to improve skin structure and moisturization by strengthening the skin lipidic barrier. It has emollient, regenerative and skin conditioning properties. It is a recommended ingredient for: nourishing shampoos for dry hair, moisturizing creams for dry skin and baby skin, anti-wrinkle creams, and lip balms.

Mango Butter. Mango butter is obtained from de-shelled fruit kernels of the mango tree, Mangifera indica native to sub-continental India and the tropics. It has just been recently introduced in the cosmetic industry and is a promising ingredient because of its emollient properties, high oxidative ability, and its suitability for replacement of paraffin-based emollient. It has remarkable regenerative activity due to its content in unsaponiable matter. It is a soft solid with a melting point between 31°-36° C and a very slight sweet scent. It has a protective effect against UV radiation.

Mint (Mentha arvensis) - is a blood cleansing plant because it is antiseptic and antibacterial. It is most commonly taken as a tea to help clear the complexion. Add mint to your hair shampoo and conditiones to combat dandruff and stimulate hair follicles for growth.

Mono'i de Tahiti. An exotic oil of Tahitian origin, in use for 2000 years (give or take a couple of centuries). A combination of two components: Tahitian coconut oil and Gardenia flower essence blended the process of "enfleurage". It is claimed that the unique volcanic soil of the Tahitian islands impart qualities to the ingredients which can not be duplicated anywhere else in the world

Neem Tree Oil. Neem tree or margosa (Azadica Indica) is indigenous to South Asia and found in most part of the Indian sub-continent. All parts of Neem tree are useful although the one that is commonly used for cosmetic and skin care purposes is the oil from the seed. Neem oil has a strong odor, brownish green color. The active ingredient is Azadirachtin but more of 25 other compounds have been identified. Neem oil offers moisturizing, regenerative and restructuring properties. It can be used for damaged and delicate hair, hand creams, facial care and after sun-products.

Nutmeg (Myristica fragans)- grows in Grenada, Indonesa and Sri Lanka. It has a sharp, warm and spicy aroma. Nutmeg was traded by the Arabs and was important during the Middle Ages for various medicinal purposes.

Oats (Avena sativa) - rich in calcium and iron and very high in protein. Oats are great in natural face treatments because they exfoliate dead skin cells without feeling abrasive and are nutritious skin food.

Rooibos - Very high in antioxidants and minerals and best of all high in skin smoothing natural alpha hydroxy.

Shea Butter. This butter is from the kernels of the shea nut tree, Butyrospermum parkii, native to Western Africa. It is a tallow-like substance extracted by hydraulic pressing or screw expellers. In crude form, it can be yellow or grey but is whitish if refined. Shea butter is non-toxic and non-irritating and derived totally from renewable natural resources. Traditionally it has been used in Africa as a medical balm for rheumatism, muscle aches, bums, and light wounds. Its unique fatty acid composition makes it a suitable emollient for many-skin conditions. One unique characteristic of shea butter is its content of unsaponiables (up to 8%) which imparts soothing properties and provides extra sun protection.

Tumeric (Curcuma domestica) - is a basic item in folk medicine in tropical Asia. It is used internally and externally for its astringent and cleansing properties and is a core ingredient for herbal indonesian tonics. This is an excellent ingredient to add to your face and body formulas. I personally take one capsule of tumeric daily for its wonderful medicinal values.

Virgin Oil De Coco-CremeTM A virgin, cold-pressed, vitamin E rich, "biologically pure" coconut oil, identical to unextracted oil from coconuts. Extracted from fresh coconut milk in a process that eliminates high temperature and solvents. In liquid form (melts at 22°C.), it is a clear, extra-light viscosity oil with sweet coconut flavor. The "virgin oil process" conserves all functional attributes inherent in natural coconut oil substances of squalene, sterol and useful volatile components are preserved. Its natural emolliency, moisturizing and antioxidant characteristics make it superb for rejuvenating dry, stressed and aging skin. Virgin Oil De Coco-Creme is versatile: It can replace expensive exotic butters; an excellent carrier oil, and has medicinal uses.

Moroccan Argan Oil. 100% natural, virgin Argan oil is extracted from the oleaginous almond of the Argan tree. This tree is unknown anywhere else on the planet. For thousands of years, the Berber women of the Atlas Mountain region have produced this oil for the use of their people. Argan Oil is very high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, tocopherols, flavanoids, and plant sterols.

post more late


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

Wow! Thanks for sharing!
When you're away form the forum you can sure miss a lot. Now I'm going to have to do a seach to find the thread started by Honey.


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

Here is an Indian hair growth recipe:
HAIR GROWTH 200 gms. coconut oil, 100 gms.almond oil and four caps of castor oil. Mixed with 1 tbsp. powdered methi powder. Warm it everytime you use it and is advisable to use overnight. In the morning use steamed towel several times.

I've done it about three times. Can't tell you if it works or not yet, but I do know that those oils are great for hair.


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

happylocks said:
ur hair is beautiful spagirl,

[/ QUOTE ]

It sure is


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Re: Asian Hair Secrets(Long)

Armyqt said:
happylocks said:
ur hair is beautiful spagirl,

[/ QUOTE ]

It sure is

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks Armyqt.
I peeped into your album and saw some nice as well as quick growing hair going on. I was afraid to look in your April folder because I'm afraid "Scissor Happy" for thick ends idea might rub off.

&lt;peeping again&gt; Your children are so cute!


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question: Is what is good for asian hair, good for african hair always? Or do you have to filter out some things to adapt their methods to african hair?