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Asian Hair


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sassygirl125 said:
sillygurl18 said:
How did this thread get on Jada

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Haven't you heard? She's Asian!

BTW--Your hair is very pretty!

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Girl you silly that was funny!!!!!


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Supergirl said:
brittanynic16 said:
All people have to do is look at pictures of her over the years as it gets longer and longer. Why does it have to be weave? If people here have long hair why can't see.

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Brittany--the reason that I figured her hair was a weave in The Inkwell is because she was working on A Different World still when she did the movie and her hair was short on A Different World.

It's not said to cut her down or anything--Jada's got it goin' on whether she wore a weave in The Inkwell or not.

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I thought Jada had some huge cornrow extensions braided in an intricate style when she was on a DW, the other styles I can't remember in all honesty.


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honey_jammz82 said:
I just saw in a post that Asian hair grows really fast.

Then it hit me...IT REALLY DOES!

I saw Michelle Kwan on The View today, and her hair is long and pretty. I remember a few years back her hair was in a short Halle Berry cut.

My girl who is Asian and black joined the Army and the last time I saw her, her hair was neck length. I see her 2.5 years later and her hair is waist length and GORGEOUS! She was like "it's no biggie"! I could not speak, it was amazing!

Is it just me? What is the deal? Can I get some Asian blood in me, lol!

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I notice the same with my Asian friends and associates. One of my friends from elementary+highschool would cut her hair to BS and it would be back down to her butt in a matter of months.

In junior year of college, there was this freshman from China. Her hair was about necklength at the start of the fall semester. By the end of the spring semester her hair was inches beyond BS.

One of my Chinese co-workers cut her hair to shoulder-length about 1 month ago. I 'm curious to see how fast she'll have her length back.

I think it goes way beyond their diet. It's definitely genetic and I believe those genes were influenced by a lonnnnnng history of eating all the right meals and living in the eastern EurAsian climate. So even if we start eating these things religiously, we wouldn't see the ultimate benefits until many many generations from now.
better start now