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Asian people and Black Hair Cutting?

The hair cut I got from the Aveda training school was amazing! The layers were well blended and the cut was modern and sexy. She was not good at finishing AA hair though. My hair was a work of art. Their stylists are trained extremely well on scissor over comb technique. Take a picture with you to be safe.

Love Always

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I'll say this, I've had an Asian man trim my hair for over a year and he's done a good job everytime. It's too bad he moved to the east coast because since then I went to another stylist and I wasn't really pleased with the results :ohwell:.


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Agreed. I usually go to a chain place like supercuts to get dry hair cuts and I'm happy with them every time. If I say "cut two inches", they cut two inches, simple as that. But yea, it just depends on the individual person you get to do the cut verses salon, race, etc.

She did a really good job, turned the chair around and handed me a mirror so I could see exactly what she would cut.

It turned out really good.

co-signing with you ladies although the lady that cut my hair was Caucasian I had the same experience/outcome as you two. The cut was with a doubt the absolute best cut I have had from anyone. This was my experience with the stylist that gave me a dry cut at the Regis salon here in Memphis a while back. This Sunday, I plan on getting a dry cut from the lady that thread my eyebrows.