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Aug 6 7 8 9 10 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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I did this yesterday

Pre-Poo: Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating hair treatment (under heat cap for 30 minutes)
Shampoo: Walgreen's T-sal Shampoo (with scalp brush)
Deep Conditon: SheScentIt Plum Nectar and Agave Hair Mayo (under heat cap for 30 minutes)

Scalp Moisturizer: Aloe Vera Gel with Rosemary/Peppermint/Tea Tree EO
Leave In/Detangler: Kinky Curly Knot Today (with Pattern Beauty Wide Tooth Comb)
Sealant/Styler: Sunny Isle Lavender JBCO Pure Butter

Styled hair in 2-strand twists and sat under bonnet hair dryer for 30 minutes


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Monday a.m:
Pre-Treat: African Pride's Pre-Shampoo
Cleanse: CRN Cleansing Milk (not sure which one)
Treat: AO's GPB *original* (Under Dryer)
R/O: SM's Weightless Moisture
Leave-In: L-O (Airdry)


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Currently sitting with henna on my head ;)

Happy Hair Growing!:cool:

The henna is done

SSI-Green tea & ginseng poo

Deep Condition-
SSI-Curl Moist Conditioner 55min

HE”Honey I’m strong Con”

Bekura Beauty”Baharia Water”

Moisture Leave-in
Natures Testimony”Marshmallow/Slippery Elm

Bekura”Butter Cream”

Yadain”JBCO” butter on length
Natures Blessings”Pomade on Ends”

Scalp Treatments-
Natures Testimony”Onion”
Brina Organics”Chebe/Fenugreek on edges”

*Hair in 6 braids air drying & feels nice & soft

Happy Hair Growing!


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Relaxed mohair yesterday with ORS Lye Relaxer. It was my first time using this relaxer and I really like it.

Base hair and scalp: Avalon Perfecto
Conditioner on length: Cantu Conditioner
Relaxer: ORS Lye for 18 mins
Neutralizing shampoo: ORS
Bond Rebuilder: Olapex 3 for 10 mins
Shampoo: Plex Shampoo
R/O Conditioner: Plex Conditioner
DC: Rapunzel The Future of Hair Protein DC
Leave-ins: Annabelle's Leave-in
Heat Protectant: Kenra
Dry: RevAir
Curl: EAP Heat


I can't be bothered to do my hair today but it was feeling a bit dry. Redid a few twists that had gotten a little fluffy and that's all.

Mist with a little water
Moisturize: Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk
Seal: oil mix


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I put in box braids Thursday that look really cute and neat in the fromt and kinda "free" in the back :look:

I have been moisturizing daily, which worked really well when I had Marley twists in last month. So I want to leave these in unti the first week of August, BUT I may sit down tomorrow to take out about 3 in the back to neaten the parts. Nobody will see the back of my head but my parents and DH, but.....they matter. Lol


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Shampooed with Keracare Moisturising Detangling Shampoo
Deep Conditioned with Joico Moisture Recovery Balm
Moisturised and sealed with Maui Moisture Curl Milk + Keracare Oil Moisturiser + Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
Stretched and dried in flat twists