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August 2020: What's On Sale This Month? Hair, Bath, Beauty


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OK ladies, a new month is here soooooo

If you come across sales or coupon codes for HAIR/BATH/BEAUTY products or accessories, feel free to post them here!

Let’s make it easy to keep track of all the vendors offering deals each month … and make it easier to be better Product Junkies of course! :grin:

Pat Mahurr

Pun intended
A lot of products from Nature'sBeautiBar are on sale. The turmeric shea butter soap and the African Black soap below will probably sell out fast. I LOVE the loofah (luffa?) scrubs, too. All of them smell great and are moisturizing. Here are a few of my favorites.

Akosombo Breeze Exfoliating Scrub $7.99 each Reg $12.99

Moroccan Lei Exfoliating Scrub $7.99 each / Reg $12.99

Tema Watermelon Bliss Exfoliating Scrub