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August 26,27,28...What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?


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Hi Divas!:grin:

I know I'm about 2 1/2 Hours Early! I want to start this Thread earlier rather than later.


What will you be doing this Weekend to Nuture & Nourish Your Hair?

Tomorrow I plan to:
Cowash w/Hairveda's MoistPRO
Reconstruct w/Tigi Dumb Blonde
Steam with Jasmine Avocado & Silk with Pure Jojoba Oil
Bear Fruit Hair Shine Rinse for a Final Rinse in Green Tea & Apple
Detangle & Dry under Dryer

So, what are you doing?/using?


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Since the weather in MD will likely make it impossible to go out I plan on:

Olive oil pre-poo
Syntonics shampoo
protein treatment
DC with syntonics conditioner
roll and sit under the dryer
possibly dust ends because I will have time on my hands


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I dont' have any plans right now. I want to braid it back up and smack a wig on seriously.


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I'm planning a delightful DC with steam tomorrow then a co wash on sunday:grin: Oh and I've pin curled tonight, just because:yep: So if it comes out nice I'll be whipping my hair all about.... the house:ohwell:


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No lie, I've been waiting for this thread all day.
Earlier I used to ignore it, but I love reading about people's plans with their hair, and developing my own!!

We're expecting a hurricane here in NY, so I washed tonight (don't want to have to think about it this weekend...), and put my hair in a few braids (6). I did an Organix and EVOO/JBCO co-wash/ DC, then a Kenra DC over it (so I suppose a co-wash then DC). I've had my hair up for 2 days so detangling was...fun...but I took some rows out of my Denman and stuck with my fingers (NOT NAILS!!) and wide-tooth comb, so all was well.


Thursday/Friday night: co-wash and DC, then braids for braid-out in the morning

Saturday: keep up the braid-out, change if necessary

Sunday: perhaps wash?

Thoughts? Love to play in product!!



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I will be relaxing with Nairobi products @ 10 weeks instead of my ususal 12-13 weeks. I have Tiiva's Hair Growth to thank for that.


Natural Gang Gang Gang

ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner/ Protein DC mixture/ WGO
French Stabilizer Plus
GVP The Conditioner- Leave In Conditioner (Paul Mitchell)
Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave-In Treatment
Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End Protector
Coconut Oil/ Wheat Germ Oil


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I wont be doing anything to my hair this weekend just relaxed it today 10 wks post.


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This weekend I will be HAULING at the QB sale...... Hehehehe!

I am heading to an all inclusive hotel on Jamaica's north coast for a day pool and beachside! :D so when I reach home after I will be shampooing and then DC. Sigh...mi cyaan wait!


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My new Claudie goodies will be delivered tomorrow, so I plan on...

-Dc'ing with Claudie's Normalizing Conditioner.

-Oil rinsing with Claudie's Garden Oil mixed with some other oil.

-Cowashing with Claudie's Avocado Conditioner.

-Moisturizing with one of the many yummy moisturizers I'm getting... maybe Balancing Lotion or Quinoa Cream. We'll see.

I'm so excited! Weeeee! :reddancer:


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If all goes well I plan on henna treatment... idk w/all the wonderful sales I might be @walgreens, target,ross,kohl's, popeyes gotta eat..lol


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DC with CON Jojoba & Olive Oil Moisturizing DC and then probably do a wash and go.

I might do the wash and go with my miss jessie's curly pudding.


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This weekend I will be HAULING at the QB sale...... Hehehehe!

I am heading to an all inclusive hotel on Jamaica's north coast for a day pool and beachside! :D so when I reach home after I will be shampooing and then DC. Sigh...mi cyaan wait!

bajandoc86 Are you trying for the rest of us to feel bad about our weekend plans:look: JK:grin:


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Cowash with Tresemme Naturals
Moisturize with Giovanni Direct Leave-in mixed with EVOO
Stretch hair using Curlformers and airdry
Try, try, and try again for a descent twistout


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Hopefully I can muster up enough energy to braid up my hair for a sew in/u-part wig. Being pregnant and having two lil boys(3 and 1) is killing my energy level so IDK if it's going to happen but that's the plan.


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I dyed my hair last night + DC'd and my hair feels heavenly!

This weekend I plan to just moisturize as usual and do GHE, maybe even a braid out.
I have some Bhringraj oil coming; excited to use that!


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Just finished up my hair routine for the weekend. I detangled with some HV cocasta oil and yes to carrots conditioner and braided into 8 plaits. I then tried to shampoo with this herbal shampoo bar I been waiting on for a month..Huge disappointment..smh I ended up grabbing my HV amala rinse and washing with that.

Applied Ovation cell therapy and cream rinse, and steamed under my steamer for 30 mins with baba de caracol and wheat germ oil..Rinsed and applied aphogee 2 min and rinsed. Now I'm air drying will style tomorrow into a bun, because we are having a huge exercise all week starting Sunday and will be playin war games all week so no need in me trying to be cute especially since I will be gas masked up most of the time.


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Something simple, protein treatment (Nexxus emergencee or redken extreme) then an all day or overnight moisture DC with AO Honeysuckle Rose. Leave-ins will be Redken antisnap and orange essential oil/pure olive oil. Air drying. Oh, can't forget the all important Roux PC rinse...:yep:
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Nuthin' fancy... Just gonna do a HOT; Wash w/ Mizani Botanifyl; Deep condition under my steamer using Mizani Hydrafuse mixed w/ a little It's a 10 - Miracle Mask and roller set for a spiral look or maybe a bun, we'll see. Whatever style I do it has to be something that doesn't require a whole lotta manipulation.


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Prepoo with Hot Six oil, wash and deep condition under my steamer with One N Only Argan products. I will rollerset and flat iron my roots.


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Since Irene is supposed to be hitting this weekend here in NY (and I have to work all weekend) I did my hair this morning. I oiled my hair and let it sit overnight. I prepoo'd with CPR, washed with Aveda DR shampoo, and DC'd with the last bit of some Avocado & Silk and filled that in with BFH Shea Mango Deep Tea mask. Rinsed with HV Rinse. Honey Butta was my leave in, sealed with Pura Brazil Loc Oil.