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August 26,27,28...What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?


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Well, since I'm riding out Irene in Fort Lauderdale with my husband I decided to co-wash my hair this morning with my Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner. I'm now air-drying in a single plait ponytail and thanking God that no one died at home (The Bahamas) during the storm.


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- over night pre-poo with olive oil.
- shampoo
- 2 min Aphogee
- deep condition
- rollerset
- flat iron roots

***I'm thinking about going to Sallys to purchase Roux PC


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Didn't get a chance last week but will be doing a henna, deep condition and rod set tonight for a picnic tomorrow.


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Yesterday I did a wash with diluted poo/veggie oil/AVJ--my hair rebelled something awful, so I rinsed that crap out and threw in some neutrogena daily condish, sat with that a few hours, rinsed it out then twisted and rolled on perm rods with kimmaytubes moisturizer (castor/jojoba oils, AVJ and KCKT). Took out the rods this morning and over the next few days the curls will fall and give me a beautiful curly set. BTW my hair is relaxed with 2ins ng and I'm tryng not to relax until late October, I would love to make it to Dec but I wud need a ps that kept my hands out of my hair. Not up for braids or twists right now. Anyway, be safe on the east coast this weekend.


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I washed yesterday because I have a busy weekend ahead.

- Dry DC'd with Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm
- Sat under dry for about 30 mins
- Rinse and detangled in shower
- Shampoo'd with Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo
- Applied Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner with shower cap and showered
- Rinsed and applied Shea Moisture's Curl & Style Conditioning Milk as a leave-in
- Put in twists to dry
- Once 70% dry applied, applied my Whipped Shea Butter Mix to seal in moisture
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I took down my braids last night, washed and conditioned with KMS Flat Out. I am getting it re-braided tonight after work.

I also bought Wen for the first time, so next time I take down my braids, I'll wash and condition with Wen, and see if this stuff really works.


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Going to the post office and picking up my Darcy's Botanicals and Little Penguins products and testing them out.

I'll probably just DC and pop it back in a PS after I get done playing, though. :)


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getting kinky twists put in tomorrow morning. i'm tired of all this hair. if she's good, she'll have a client for the next year.


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I washed w/ elasta qp scalp stimulating shampoo (my scalp was itching like crazy under my wig cap all week) and dc'ed w/ a mix of aohsr, elasta qp intense condition, hairveda phyto keratin conditioner, honeyquat and silk amino acid. I moisturized w/ qhemet's products, sealed w/ olive oil (my hair loves olive oil) and twists my hair up.


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I finally bought some Bentonite Clay (on the ground at Fairway) so I'll do some sort of treatment or mud wash then, rollerset and flat twist.


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I want to figure out how to incorporate aloe vera gel into my hair regimen? Any suggestions? Pre-poo?

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I slept on my braidout. i'm going to moistruze and seal, and put hair in plats. we'll see what happens.


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I have a major detangling session- four week old twists.
DC & Cleanse with WEN.
Roller set.

OR, with Hurricane Irene coming, I might not even do anything....


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Yesterday I clarified my hair,a Aphogee protein treatment, a deep conditioning and bantu knots. I haven't done that much to my hair in awhile.


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just got done finger detangling my hair.

it was quite easy to do...especially for having twists in for 3 weeks that had been rinsed frequently.

i'll twist tomorrow. hopefully i can stretch my hair out a bit overnight.


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braidout revived!!



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my hair is pre-oiled with castor/coconut/mustard/sesame oils infused with ayurvedic herbs. I mixed up a paste of 50/50 henna/amla with aloe vera juice after the dye release.


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Something simple, protein treatment (Nexxus emergencee or redken extreme) then an all day or overnight moisture DC with AO Honeysuckle Rose. Leave-ins will be Redken antisnap and orange essential oil/pure olive oil. Air drying. Oh, can't forget the all important Roux PC rinse...:yep:

OK, I did something a bit different and had to share because my hair feels AMAZING!

I DC'd on dry hair with AO Honeysuckle Rose under a plastic bag for a few hours. I made horizontal partings and applied it to my roots with my pink sprush like a relaxer touch up messaged a little and then applied it from midstrand to ends with my hands.

Washed twice with ORS Creamy Aloe and used my rubber shampoo brush to work up any conditioner that built up on my scalp. Then I added some Roux PC and left that on for 3-5 min before rinsing out.

Then I towel dried and used the same application method with the sprush to apply Giovanni Smooth as Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion put on another plastic bag and let that sit for a few hours.

Then I rinsed and ran through with the shampoo brush once or twice, towel dried applied Redken Anti-snap leave-in, 100% pure olive oil (without the orange oil), and a tiny bit of John Frieda frizz ease x-tra strength, gently brushed my hair back with a paddle brush put on my satin scarf and air dried.

The results: My hair felt cool, light, soft smooth and moisturized. My hair color looked richer and more saturated and my strands were smooth.

I did a cross wrap overnight and this morning it still feels great. Now I'm sitting with about 6 flexirods in and I've used a little more frizz ease and a rose scented curl enhancing hold spray (my school's brand, it called TU Curl Enhancing Spray). I'm going for a loose curly retro 40's bob.

Anywho, I'm loving the Giovanni product. :yep:


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My henna paste with aloe vera juice washed out in a few minutes, no dryness. Co-washed with Joico Moisture Recovery, final acv rinse. Apply conditioner and castor oil to edges and ends, distribute throughout hair with denman brush, braid to dry.


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Friday I defined my curls with the argan ecostyler. I don't think I'm going to use my Denman to define my curls until my hair gets longer. Today I'm trying a braidout with Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. We'll see how this turns out in the morning.