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August 26,27,28...What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?


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Earlier this week I did a Neem paste treatment and CW.
Yesterday I oiled my scalp and hair with new Vatika enriched coconut oil, and finished up my nutiva plain coconut oil. Wrapped my hair up left that in overnight and half of today.
Just ACV/water rinsed and CW it out with AO HSR, followed on damp hair with Vatika on scalp and length, and sealed with AOHSR, 2 braids and wrapped it up.


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Just twisted my hair up yesterday. Will do nothing with it today.

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Today I washed my hair with PM Tea Tree Shampoo (GVP), used Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor, DCed with Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm (GVP). Airdried my hair added Aphogee Green tea Keratin Mist and PM Straight Works. Last, I added Chi Silk Infusion to Flat Iron.

It was my first time using the PM Tea Tree Shampoo (GVP) and I think I really like it. :yep: