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Automatically Subscribed To Threads...


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From what I've noticed, the default option set when posting to or creating a thread is to automatically subscribe to that particular thread. This leads to the user being subscribed to (equivalent to adding a thread to favs) a whole host of threads that she doesn't necessarily want to be subscribed to. From my experience so far on this forum, I've had to be sure to manually choose the "do not subscribe" option on the drop down menu in the Additional Options section when posting. Can you please set the default menu option to "Do Not Subscribe?" That way, if a user wants to subscribe to a particular thread (add the thread to their favs), they can manually choose to do so by selecting how they want to subscribe to that thread.

Thanks so much!
- Carlie

PS If the users who didn't know this were to go to their Subscribed Threads section, they'd probably see that they're subscribed to every single thread that they posted to. To get rid of them, you can simply delete the threads from that list that you don't want to be subscribed to.


Crazy Greek
Staff member
I just checked the setting and it is set to Do not subscribe by default. Weird... I'll have a look at it Carlie.


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Also, just wanted to point out that when I make a post, the default Subscription is set to "No Email Notification."