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Bald spot... HELP!!

Ebony Majesty

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I've had a bald spot for about 2 months now (caused by the stress from an incident at my old job). It's about the size of a 50 pence piece. I was hoping I would feel or see some kind of growth by now, but I haven't and I'm getting very worried.

To those who have had bald patches:
-how long did it take for it to fill in, or to see some kind of growth?
-did you take anything (vitamins etc) or use any products which you think helped?

Thanks :(


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I used viviscal for one month and it got it going.

I had near bald patches on the left side of my head, the crown and the nape. I actually struggled with that for 1 1/2 years because nothing worked (healthy eating, iron, excercise, massage etc).

Then I bought viviscal and babied my bald patches with moisturising and I grew the patches from nothing (not able to braid it) to 3/4 inch in 3 weeks.:look:


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I had a spot on my nape behind my ear. It was bigger than yours. It has been my project for the year and between February and now, it has grown in fully and it is about an inch from my shoulder. I have trimmed the bad ends twice. I used Boundless Tresses, Naani's Naturals Hair pomade, castor oil, and Qhement Sidr Butter as my main growth aids and moisturizers. I always keep that area moisturized. I give it extra attention. Sometimes I will do a nice overnight prepoo on my nape area only and do my regular prepoo in morning. I feed that area as much as I can. It is coming along nicely.:yep:


What helped for me was MN. I tried everything else and the only thing that has helped is MN. Man I wish I had used this a long time ago. I have learned that my crown is the weakest part of my hair and I have to make sure and be very careful with that area and baby it like nobodys business. Good luck to you on solving your situation!!!


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Boundless Tresses, is all I have to say. My daughter who is 6 was the same way. I bought BT used it and now the spot is gone and she is growing hair.


MN, BT, Cortizone. My friend had one the size of my palm. took out all her nape. she got some cortizone shots, it all grew in and now that area is the fastest growing on her head.


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What everyone else said...try MN, BT, or MTG...I had bald bumpy patch right in the middle of my nape. My dermatologist couldn't help. She just kept giving me kenalog injections and this other stupid anti-inflammatory cream that made my hair dry and break off. I decided to do my own thing, my skin cleared up (I think due to the sulfur in the BT and MTG) in the area and the hair grew back within a few weeks. No more bald spot and now I can wear my hair up in a ponytail without any problems. HHG


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I have a spot like that and its about quarter size as well, actually a little bigger...its got fuzz there now and is getting around an inch long. This has happened to me before because of stress too. I pay special attention to saturate that area with conditioner. I massage my growth concoction on it every couple of days (basically oil mixed with MN and a few drops of rosemary). Im glad it is filling in, and isnt really noticable bc my hair covers it, but I can tell when I section my hair off for detangling or setting or whatever because there is a gap. Hopefully it will blend in with the rest of my hair by springtime.

My main concern is making sure its not some type of alopecia that will spread! I think the MN is a good thing to use just in case it is something fungal causing the hair to come out. Is your scalp tender in that area?


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My spot is not "bald" per say. But the hair there is thin and weak and the scalp is really sensitive. I know some people are avid frequent shampooers. but for me shampooing too much irritated it and made it worse. I don't wash more than once a week. Also, MTG has helped. Staying well moisturized. And biotin


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I had a bald spot and thinning in my crown area, but bi-weekly scalp pore cleanings helped for about three months straight, then only two-weeks after a relaxer since. I saw initial improvement in about three weeks, but "full" recovery took a while longer as my hair grew out (I had a few different problems going on from a botched relaxer at the hands of a stylist. :ohwell:)

Ebony Majesty

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Thank you everyone for replying. Its good to know I'm not alone! I have a couple of tubes of MN, and some BT left, so I will try that. I'll also try Nonie's remedy :)

Thanks again everyone, I feel much more positive about the situation



I must agree with the other MTG fanatics; it really worked wonders on my bald spot! MTG and Biotin or a good Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamin. Good Luck!


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BT worked for me. It's a great product! I also use castor oil. I had a nickel to quarter sized spot from friction and have had temple issues from time to time. Make sure that there's nothing creating tension (tight scarves, wig/weave/braid/ponytail/pulling hair taught) and baby those spots. :yep: