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BC After 17-Month Transition! (Pics inside)


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I know I don't post often, but I BC'd a few days ago and finally got around to posting some pics. I guess I am a 4a. I have small corkscrews. The hairline all the way around is more like 3c I think because it's looser. But I definitely have a million of the world's smallest curls! lol! Also, my hair is 7" stretched in most places. It's hard to tell from the length photo, but I pulled that from the middle.

Anyway, I have had a relaxer since I could tie shoes. So, this is a relief for me to finally learn what my real texture is. Note: I always thought my hair was terrible and totally unmanageable because after 2 months without a touchup my hair would get very tight -- well now I know it's because I have little curls. I wish I would have known this 20 years ago.

Anyway....On to the photos.....I only 5 because it wouldn't allow me to upload more.

#1- What was left of my relaxed ends still on my hair.
#2- Right after the BC with conditioner in the hair.
#3- First Wash 'n Go with Avocado Oil and Eco Styler Gel.
#4- Curl Texture up close.
#5- Stretched out hair curl for length.


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Congrats on your transition! I'm 1 week away from 12 months, the mid-way point of my 2 yr transition and I'm very jelly of you right now. This time next year I'll have my own transition reveal thread and I can't wait!

I'm loving your hair texture - that WnG looks really cute! Congrats again!