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Be careful with the protein!!!! This woman lost her waist/tailbone length hair to protein overload.


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I went and looked at the hair related videos that she has on her other YouTube channel and found her interview with the owner of Adiva Naturals. I am very much in need of a moisturizer so I ordered a few Lusterizer sprays. It took less than two hours for a shipping confirmation to come through, wow they are on it! I'm so excited to try it out :happydance:


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@Theresamonet If its just the fenugreek seeds in water as above, then probably bland and earthy/ curry-ish. I'm thinking it can't be worse than the bitter:moon:msm I take.

I take fenugreek in capsule form however the fenugreek has a maple syrup taste. I tagged this comment in particular because I came about a recent revelation in adding the msm to coffee to mask the taste instead of with lemon / orange juice and it's been very effective. I'm sure one could even do the same with the fenugreek I have yet to try that method though.