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Before you do anything drastic...


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So, many of us on this board have flip flopped between being natural and getting a relaxer. I, for one, have been trying to make a decision for a long time now. So, I have made a list of questions that might help us all with deciding what to do. Feel free to add to the list.
1.Why do you want to make a change at all?
2.How do you want to wear your hair everyday?
3.What are the pluses and minuses of relaxed hair?
4.What are the pluses and minuses of natural hair?
5. Which style looks better on you? Which gives you more confidence?
6. What is the upkeep for each hair type?
7. If natural, are you patient enough for detangling?
8. If relaxed, are you patient enough for styling?
9. Can you accept wearing protective styles more often than not if relaxed?
10. If a transition goes wrong, what are your options?
11. Does either style have any significance for you as more than just a style?
12. If relaxed, can you shell out more money for quality products and salon care?
13. What has been your past experience with either style?
14. Since we're on a quest for longer hair, can you accept shrinkage and even grow to love it? Can you accept possibly having to get more trims with a relaxer?
15. Which lifestyle is more sustainable for you? Will you relax forever, if that is your inclination?
16. If transitioning to natural, are you patient enough to deal with the demarcation line and nurture both hair types at once?


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I agree.


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This list came just in time. I was looking at my wavy new growth and thinking I might try going natural. After q 5, 6, & 7 I know for the time being I will stay relaxed. Thanks so much ichephren


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This is a good list, ichephren, thank you
*sigh* I've been asking myself these same questions for a while. I still have no definitive answer. I see people going natural, and think, "Hey, it won't be so bad. I can do that." And then I see all these people having success with doing their own relaxers, and I'm like, "Why can't I do that? Other folks were nervous about it and did just fine. I can do that..." So indecisive...


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Great list. I'd been asking myself these questions for months and the answers lead me to transition.


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Yup, actually I'm "between and betixed" right now. I decided my hair was too weave to sustain a relaxer because of previous damaged. Sooo..I'm temporarily (or even permantely) transitioning with weaved styles. If I like being natural, I'll stay. If I don't, I'll relax when I'm at a desirable length. If you don't mind, can I use your list? It might help me out some


Hi there!
Great list!

I'd add:

- If concidering going natural, are you willing to twist your hair every week or two? (if this is the style you like)

- If concidering relaxing, are you willing to wrap your hair and or sleep with a satin scarf every night to lessen breakage?

- If you want to go natural, are you going to invest more time pressing/blow drying your hair and risking damage, as opposed to just relaxing and wrapping/roller setting relaxed hair?

- Undertand that neither relaxed nor natural hair is easier than the other. Natural hair is easiest of all when it's in a short afro, imo.

- Realize that your new growth during transition might not always be an accurate indicator of what your 100% natural hair will look like. For example, you might feel wavy new growth at relaxer touch-up time, but once you cut off the relaxed ends, your hair might look very frizzy and non-wavy. Just be prepared to see your hair as it truly is, growing from your scalp.


Thank you for sharing this because right now I am between (currently) texturized and contemplating a relaxer. Actually I had my mind all made up that I was going to relax but since it taking me some time to get into the shop I have had time to think again.


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Thanks everyone, they are questions that have helped me to decide to texturize...after weeks of being glued to LHCF
I'm glad that they have helped others