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Beginning my journey and I need your help


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I am on a quest for a healthier me and this includes my hair. I don't know all of the acronyms yet but my hair is beyond shoulder length with issues at the nape, that may have been caused by PCOS and Hypothyroidism.

My current regime for my relaxed hair is a perm every 7-8 weeks, deep conditioning once a week and washing my hair every 3 days or so because I work out daily and sweat like there is no tomorrow.

I'd like to find a good leave in conditioner and perhaps a better shampoo since I have to wash so often. I set my hair on spiral rods or just wear a ponytail because my hair is thick and stays very wet after my workouts.

If any of you would like to point me in the direction of natural oils you love, on-line places you shop or any other tips for healthy hair I'm all ears and thank you in advance for your kindness.


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Welcome Bigmommah! I just wanted to add that if you are going to wash every 3 days or so maybe you can incorporate cowashes into that. And also i actually deep condition every shampoo, so that's something to think about too. Either or both, i don't think you can go wrong (just watch your moisture/protein balance). Good luck!


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welcome!!! I agree with Wheezy, co-washes are a nice asset. I've justrecently started doing them and I've noticed a big difference in moisture, softness, and overall field. A co-wash is where you wash with conditioner only. I just rinse my hair and then put tresemme conditioner on, leave in while i shower, then rinse out as i'm getting out.

are you relaxed or natural? attaining healthy hair is different for these 2 groups

ETA: you may want to just search old threads for a while. When i first began, I took a few days to read up on different methods, techniques, etc.


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Thank you all for your replies. I have been reading the boards for a while and good gracious I'm slightly overwhelmed. :spinning:

I will check out the link and keep searching.

Thanks again!


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Welcome aboard!!!

ITA (I totally agree) with the other ladies about the co washing. Replace the shampooing three times a week with co washing and you'll see a huge difference! You can check out the co washing challenge thread to get an idea of what conditioners to use :yep:

Also, deep condition every time you shampoo and stretch your relaxers to 8 weeks or more.

Some good online places are (these are products made by LHCF members :grin: )

Growth aids (from members of the board)