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Beyond the Zone Strip Search


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Yesterday on a whim at Sally's I bought this shampoo. I used it this morning and I believe it does exactly what it claims to do.

I had been getting some build-up from my shealoe butter mixture. It seemed to start changing my hair texture in the front to this floppy mess. I have shampooed all along but never clarified b/c clarifying shampoos seem to just make my hair dry and not even do what they claim to.

So, I picked this one up and omy...after rinsing it out, my hair was squeaky clean but not dry. It just seemed like my hair was open and ready for conditioning. It seemed like my hair texture came back and all the waxy buildup went down the drain.

Here's what the bottle says:

Front: Strip Search for Sinfully Clean Hair. Degunk you doo and strip out the goop. Gunk removal hemp shampoo.

Back: Whack out the goop with Strip Search gunk removal hemp shampoo. Strip off hairspray, gel, mousse, resin, waxes, and oily build-up. Strips out the goo without drying natural moisture from hair, Instantly removes styling product build-up, Gets hair sinfully clean, Natural hemp oil prevents dryness and moisture loss, Restores natural texture for healthy hair, Natural botanicals prevent dullness/bring on an instant infusion of shine & manageability.

Beyond the Zone Strip Search


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Hi hairlove,
How much does it cost, because I'm looking for a good clarifier? Right now, I use Neutrogena clarifying shampoo for build-up.