Bible Booklets and Tracts: Ministering to Homeless

Discussion in 'Christian Fellowship' started by TrustMeLove, Oct 16, 2006.

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    So, I found this little personal bible at work one know about 2inches by 2inches..and I just loved it...lately I have been compelled to try and do for the homeless or people who just need help.

    God has really been convicting me how I treat his children who are at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. Like..with scriptures he is making super real to me..basically it's become clear to me..everytime I have to give..and I pass his children up..or don't try to speak a word to them..I am basically doing the same thing to him. Lazarus and the Rich Man.

    So when homeless people ask me for money..or food I give it..and now I am asking the homeless people...I'll ask them if they need something..and they ask for the simpleless(sp) a ham and cheese sandwhich.

    However, I didn't know if I was suppose to say Jesus Loves you..or..yea..I am Christian...and God really cares about you..because you are his child etc...I mean..I just get tongue tied...I just give the food or money..and keep it moving..I feel really wow God you really are working through me to get your will done. Cause honeslty TrustMeLove is selfish and I could use that money or cheese sandwhich for myself..but..He is changing my that the old me leaves and He is filling that space with His goodness.

    So back to the bible booklets..yea I just ordered some off the website. I just plan to carry them around and give them out...when I run into homeless people who I give something from.

    How do you minister to the poor and lost when you are out and about?
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    That has been the same burden on my heart....I want to figure out how I can minister to their spiritual needs when I dont have the means to minister to their immediate physical needs...

    My burden is specifically for those who are homeless and mentally opressed....I have been praying that my walk would get to the point that I can pray with them and they will be healed and set free right on the street.....

    God's heart is bleeding for his people.....even the ones that most people overlook

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