Bible Translations


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With so many new choices besides King James such as AMP, ESV, NAB, CEV, etc which Bible translation or version do you prefer?

Has a certain version helped your Bible comprehension?

Thanks In Advance!


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Hi @CurliDiva, I prefer KJV because we don't speak the way it is written, so it makes it easier for me to memorize. However, the translation you will read is the best one for you.


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Using BibleHub to see the Word in the Greek and Hebrew helped me tremendously. I favor any version that uses the Textus Receptus as its base; these are the ones which contain, for example, the adulterous woman brought to Jesus to test Him (John 8). I like the Bibles with historical introductions, footnotes, and italics in the text (which tells the reader this word was added). I have multiple versions (I still need to get a copy of the AMP); the NASB is considered to be the most accurate.


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I usually switch between the NIV, ESV, KJV, and Amplified in the Bible app. I like that they allow you to do verse comparisons.


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I’m tried and true KJV but will read The Message translation online especially when doing a group bible study.


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I only use the KJV because it causes me to think about what the Scripture is saying and prayerfully ask The Lord to show me the meaning.