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Bigot Who Wanted Black Man To Know ‘how Much Of A ******’ He Was Says His Life Is ‘ruined’


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A white man who followed a black man to his house to spew racial slurs at him claims the viral video of the incident has ruined his life.

On Tuesday, July 24, Jeff Whitman was angry when Charles Lovett cut him off in traffic. Instead of honking his horn and giving him the finger, Whitman followed Lovett for two miles to his house. That type of behavior can get a person shot, but instead of a gun, Lovett pulled out his phone.

Is there a reason you just followed me to my house?” Lovett asked Whitman.

“I just want to let you know what a ****** you are,” Whitman replied.

“So I’m a ****** because you can’t read street signs?” Lovett shot back.

The men continued to argue for a couple more minutes, and Whitman kept calling Lovett the N-word. Lovett posted the video on social media, and the internet quickly identified Whitman since he was driving his work van during the incident. When NBC4 approached him two days after the dispute, he was unapologetic.

"I don't know if it makes it right or wrong, all I can say is I grew up with it, and it's not a big deal for me,” Whitman said at the time.

After the internet ripped him a new one, Whitman changed his attitude. He released a statement apologizing for the incident, reports ABC 6/FOX 28. He even claimed he has a history of helping black folks.

"To Charles Lovett and the community,

I apologize for my use of the n word towards Charles Lovett on Tuesday, July 24th. I understand that using the n-word was not only hurtful towards Lovett as an individual, but hurtful towards the Black community at large. Using the word was dehumanizing, unacceptable, and inexcusable. My actions reflect an unhealthy mindset I have developed and I need to work to change. I have served the Black community for the last 9 years, installing furnaces and water heaters with pride. My actions that day are not a reflection of my feelings towards the Black community. I also understand that racial tensions in America are higher than before, and I regret my part in contributing to that tension. I realize that words are hollow without action, and because of the hurt I have caused, I hope I have the opportunity to give back to the Black community that I have harmed in a meaningful way."

Now, like many before him, Whitman wants some sympathy.

“It was an awful mistake, and obviously I don’t know how to explain it, and it’s ruined my life, and it’s ruined my family’s life,” Whitman said in a voicemail to The Columbus Dispatch.

“I’m out of business, I’m completely out, I’m done, I’ll never work in Columbus again,” he added. This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life.”

He also claimed his mother and daughter have been threatened and harassed. Whitman then demonstrated an acute lack of both societal and self-awareness and said, “I just don’t understand the intensity of the hate.”

Well, Jeff, God forgives, but the internet doesn't.



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These reviews had me so tickled :laugh:

Service was amazing, he brought his own cross, lighter fluid and hood. Thank you Mr Whitman for your attention to detail.

I wish you well in your next job as dishwasher at the KKK annual rally in hell, you may need to buy a "summertime" robe for that gig.

Your type is not wanted in this country any longer, nor are your "heating and cooling services" ever needed again. The state of Ohio already may have been in contact about the status of your contractor status as well...I hope so.

-Came to my house right away, even without an appointment!
-Was single-minded in trying to wipe out black mold in basement, attic, driveway.

-Refused to work without background sound of "white noise machines"
-Did not ask permission to leave advertising sign in lawn. I had to use a fire extinguisher on it after.

2/5 stars.

Jeffery Whitman did an excellent job handling all my ventilation and cooling needs, but showed up to our appointment in a pointy white hood. On that basis alone, I will not do business with him again.


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I had a thoroughly unproductive few hours rolling on the floor as i read comments on Twitter, Yelp and Facebook. I have to say the most hilarious thing I've come across this year is a man following someone to his house to use the N word on him not understanding "why there is so much hate" Are white people seriously this obtuse?

I cannot bring myself to type out the N word, let alone call someone that even in fun. How can any white person possibly think it's okay to say it? HOW? Is history not quite clear enough or what? SMH