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Black Man, Ahmaud Arbery, Shot To Death While Out Jogging


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Why can’t every last bit of negative information about the murderers be dug up and made public as well? Every negative interaction a member of the public ever had with the father in his official role, any hint of corruption, statements from the fellow students that were bullied by the son or the teachers whose classes he failed, neighbors that had negative experiences with them, etc. If Ahmaud Aubrey has to be subjected to a smear campaign, surely his murderers can be subjected to the same.


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@Jmartjrmd Goodness..this is messy :(

It's very Trayvon Martin-ish
For sure. Ironically I just saw a story where GZ lawyer is representing the family of a teen shot and killed breaking into a car. The homeowner was not charged citing stand your ground. Same city Trayvon was killed in.

But in Ahmaud's case seems like these laws do nothing to allow you, the victim, to protect yourself. Someone brings multiple guns to confront you, you go for the gun and they can now fear for their life but under the laws you supposed to stand there and get shot. I know that's not what it says but seems that way. . What other purpose do you bring a gun other than to use it???

I spoke to a few lawyers and they all said it'll come down to who the jury believes is the aggressor and if the "citizen's arrest" was unlawful. But again both of those scenarios give Ahmaud zero chance to defend himself.

I did read 2 Georgia supreme court cases where stand your ground was unsuccessful.
One was a homeowner who beat an intruder with a baseball bat after the intruder had fled the home, he chased him and beat his tail..convicted of aggravated assault on the intruder.

The other was a store owner who shot and killed someone breaking in his storage shed at his business. convicted of I believe felony murder.
of course I'm not a lawyer and just skimmed over the cases.

Who knows. But it's a sad day when so many people accept this murder as justified all because he looked in an empty house.


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Homeowner says no crime was committed at under-construction home Ahmaud Arbery may have visited before shooting

The owner of a home under construction in the Georgia neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was killed says he had reported no crime after surveillance video seemed to show the young man on the property.

The February 23 footage, captured moments before Arbery's death, appears to show him looking around but never touching anything -- and eventually, walking away.
"I don't want it to be put out and misused and misinterpreted for people to think that I had accused Mr. Arbery of stealing or robbery, because I never did," Larry English, the homeowner told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday night.
"By the time Larry saw the video, Mr. Arbery had been killed," English's attorney, Elizabeth Graddy, said.


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New video shows Ahmaud Arbery chased for 4 minutes by father and son who shot him: lawyer

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, the Georgia jogger gunned down by a white father and son with links to local law enforcement, was chased for more than four minutes by the duo and a neighbor who filmed the incident before he was shot and killed, an attorney for Arbery's family said.

Lawyer Lee Merritt confirmed Monday that the new video shows William Bryan, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, chasing the unarmed black man for several minutes in the quiet Satilla Shores neighborhood near Brunswick, Ga., before opening fire.


The case was thrust into the spotlight after a cellphone video allegedly shot by Bryan showing the Feb. 23 killing surfaced on social media, prompting outrage against the local authorities.

The investigation idled as the Glynn County Police Department largely looked the other away after Arbery's death.

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Two and a half months later, the video surfaced and ignited demands for justice.


Merritt told Fox News the amount of time local authorities sat on evidence was staggering and underscored simmering prejudices in the coastal Georgia town.

"No family should wait 10 weeks for an arrest," he said. "That was extremely exhausting for the family. They began to lose hope."

Both Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested and charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in Arbery’s death earlier this month, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI was called in to investigate only after the initial video had been leaked. It took the GBI fewer than 48 hours to make the arrests.

"I can't answer what another agency did or didn't see but I can tell you that, based on our involvement in the case, considering the fact that we hit the ground running Wednesday morning and within 36 hours, we had secured warrants for two individuals for felony murder," GBI Director Vic Reynolds said. "I think that speaks volumes for itself and that probable cause was clear to our agents pretty quickly."

According to the initial police report, Gregory and Travis McMichael told police that they pursued Arbery because they believed he was the suspect in recent break-ins.


The attorneys for both men said last week that there is more to the story than meets the eye and that evidence would come out in a courtroom clearing both men, though they declined to answer what that evidence might be.

Unlike the McMichaels, Bryan was not arrested, though Merritt and Arbery's mother have called for his arrest.

Bryan has claimed he was being a good samaritan by filming Arbery's death, though that description has come under heavy scrutiny.

"He is a liar," Merritt argued, adding that Bryan had changed his story from telling the police he was trying to trap Arbery to now "launching a campaign to clear his name."

"If he was a good Samaritan, he would have honked his horn. It's worth noting that on the video, he doesn't even flinch. He doesn't gasp. Shot after shot. He simply takes it all in," Merritt told Fox News.


Arbery's mother Wanda Cooper-Jones also told Fox she isn't buying the good neighbor defense.

"Why would you videotape it? Why didn't he do anything to help? Why didn't he reach out right after the shooting? Why did he only come forward after the video was leaked?" she said during a telephone interview.


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Surveillance videos show multiple people had trespassed at the home Ahmaud Arbery visited. He was the only one killed
New surveillance videos released

Night video shows a man walking around the home under construction.

Homeowner Larry English has confirmed through the release of surveillance videos that multiple people had trespassed at his home which was under construction. Arbery was the only one killed.

CNN obtained 11 surveillance clips spanning from October 25 to February 23 from Attorney J. Elizabeth Graddy, representing English, on Saturday. Two of the videos were obtained by CNN prior to this week and six others were sent on Friday.

Three new videos show a man and woman entering the property, children entering the property and an unidentified male entering the property on separate occasions.
Some of the videos provided were dated October 25, November 18, December 17, February 11 and February 23. The videos with dates were sent to CNN by Graddy with the dates as their titles.

Eight clips were dated and three clips, two showing children entering the home and one clip showing a man and a woman entering, were not dated.

On October 25, nighttime video shows a black adult male walking around the house, which is under construction and down to the studs.
Within a month, a black adult male is seen in the house on two separate videos taken November 18. The man is shirtless and walks around the home.
On December 17, three separate clips show a black adult male walking around the home at night before jogging off empty handed.
On February 11, video shows a car's headlights drive by the home at night before a black adult male is seen walking around the house.

The last video, which is the only video that has been confirmed to be Arbery, was taken during the day February 23. It shows him walking around the home which is still under construction.

Only one video is confirmed to be Arbery
Arbery's family has previously confirmed to CNN that one video, dated February 23, was of him entering the house prior to the shooting.
When asked about the new videos, S. Lee Merritt, attorney for the Arbery family, said he was not going to continue to ask the family about people seen in surveillance videos.

"Ahmaud I am so sorry
I should have stopped them
I am so sorry"

Person who left note at Ahmaud Arbery's memorial just wanted to share condolences, investigators say

"I have chosen to stop questioning the grieving family of Ahmaud Arbery about images from the cameras mounted at the construction site of Larry English as Mr. English himself has said no criminal activity ever took place there and it is clear that Ahmaud was on the premises in the past along with many other people," Merritt said in a statement emailed to CNN.

English previously told CNN that someone stole $2,500 worth of "off-shore tackle" from a boat in his garage, but said he could not identify the perpetrator, the theft was not captured on his video, he did not remember the date of the incident and no police report was filed.

The homeowner does not know anyone seen in the videos which were transmitted to English's phone by his security system each time someone entered the property, Graddy said.
"We do not know who any of the individuals in the nighttime videos are and never have," the lawyer said in an email. "The reason that Larry English sent the videos to his neighbor ... in the first place was to ask, 'Do you know any of these people?'"

CNN's Angela Barajas, Martin Savidge and Jason Morris contributed to this report.



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William Bryan Jr. -- the man who recorded the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery -- has been arrested, GBI says
(CNN) — William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., the man who recorded the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in a neighborhood outside Brunswick, Georgia, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Thursday.

Bryan witnessed the deadly encounter between Travis McMichael and Arbery on February 23 from a vehicle behind a pickup that stopped in the road. Gregory McMichael, who was in the bed of the pickup during the shooting, told police that Bryan had tried to help them stop Arbery earlier.

Kevin Gough, an attorney for Bryan, said earlier this week that Bryan had taken a polygraph test that confirmed he was not involved in the shooting.
Bryan was unarmed at the time of shooting and that Bryan did not have any conversation with Gregory or Travis McMichael before the shooting, Gough said, citing test results.

Bryan took the test voluntarily, Gough said.

The GBI, which is conducting the investigation into Arbery's death, said Bryan, 50, was arrested Thursday and will face charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Bryan will be booked into the Glynn County Jail, where the McMichaels are being held on charges of murder and aggravated assault.


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Why can’t every last bit of negative information about the murderers be dug up and made public as well? Every negative interaction a member of the public ever had with the father in his official role, any hint of corruption, statements from the fellow students that were bullied by the son or the teachers whose classes he failed, neighbors that had negative experiences with them, etc. If Ahmaud Aubrey has to be subjected to a smear campaign, surely his murderers can be subjected to the same.
They posted this video which is much to do about nothing. They had no reason to be bothering him. Furthermore he really didn't have to provide his ID because he wasn't committing a crime when they started harassing him. At least in my state you don't not sure if that is universal.
That cop trying to taze him should of been suspended talking about he didn't move fast enough.
They showed this on court tv and some of the viewer comments were so stupid. The typical just comply and stuff like cop shootings wouldn't happen bs. They know hood and well if it were there white son they'd have a totally different view.


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Preliminary hearing set for Thursday to see if there is enough evidence to move forward with the case.


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Ahmaud Arbery was hit with a truck before he died, and his killer allegedly used a racial slur, investigator testifies

CNN)William Bryan told investigators he heard Travis McMichael use a racial epithet after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, Georgia, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent testified Thursday during preliminary hearings.

Bryan told police McMichael said "f***ing n***er" after three blasts from McMichael's shotgun left Arbery dead in February the streets of the Satilla Shores neighborhood, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Richard Dial said.
Body camera footage also showed a Confederate flag sticker on the toolbox of McMichael's truck, Dial said.
The allegations came as Dial outlined the events that led to Arbery's death and told the court that before Arbery was shot, the three men charged in his murder engaged in an elaborate chase, hitting the 25-year-old jogger with a truck as he repeatedly tried to avoid them.

As Travis and Gregory McMichael attempted to head him off, Arbery turned and ran past the truck of Bryan, who filmed the killing, and Bryan struck Arbery with the side of his truck, Dial said.

The new details of the final moments of Arbery's life emerged amid a week of nationwide protests over another killing -- that of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis -- and demonstrators have also called for justice in Arbery's case.
Investigators found a swipe from a palm print on the rear door of Bryan's truck, cotton fibers near the truck bed that "we attribute to contact with Mr. Arbery" and a dent below the fibers, he said.
Though Bryan's attorney has contested allegations his client took part in the killing, Dial said Bryan first became involved by yelling to the McMichaels, "Do you got him?" when he saw them chasing the 25-year-old jogger. The McMichaels and Bryan have not entered pleas, but lawyers for all three men have proclaimed their innocence.
After yelling out to the McMichaels about Arbery, Bryan joined the chase, and at this point, none of the three had called 911, Dial said.
The McMichaels had already tried to head off Arbery once when Bryan joined the pursuit, the GBI agent said. Bryan tried to block in Arbery as Travis McMichael drove around the block with his father in the bed of the truck.
Bryan "made several statements about trying to block him in and using his vehicle to try to stop him," Dial said. "His statement was that Mr. Arbery kept jumping out of the way and moving around the bumper and actually running down into the ditch in an attempt to avoid his truck."
At one point, Arbery was heading out of the Satilla Shores neighborhood where the defendants live, but the McMichaels forced him to turn back into the neighborhood and run past Bryan, the agent said. That is when he struck Arbery, Dial said, and Arbery kept running with the McMichaels in pursuit.
Bryan turned around, and that is where the widely disseminated video of Arbery's killing begins, he said.
McMichaels appear via video
Lawyers for the McMichaels opened the proceeding by requesting their clients be physically present in the courtroom, which Glynn County Chief Magistrate Judge Wallace Harrell denied.
The McMichaels, charged with murder and aggravated assault, appeared wearing face masks from the Glynn County Detention Center a few miles away from the courthouse.
Bryan waived his right to appear. He was arrested last month on charges that include felony murder.

Ahmaud Arbery was killed February 23.
Also in the courtroom will be Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper, family attorney S. Lee Merritt said. She is not expected to make a statement. Cooper has said her son was out for a jog when he was killed.
Gov. Brian Kemp has promised a substantial police presence and issued a warning to any "bad actors" seeking to disrupt the proceedings and heretofore peaceful protests in the county.
Witnesses and evidence expected
Though they're only preliminary hearings, the defense and prosecution are expected to provide a peek into their strategies. Harrell will decide after the hearing if the cases will be sent to superior court for trial.
Prosecutor Jesse Evans, of Cobb County in metro Atlanta, opened saying the evidence would show the McMichaels "chased, hunted down and ultimately executed" Arbery.
The GBI took over the investigation after Glynn County police and two prosecutors declined to press charges. Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden became the third prosecutor to recuse himself after the GBI assistance he requested promptly yielded charges.

Rest of the article here: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/04/us/mcmichaels-hearing-ahmaud-arbery/index.html


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Defense trying to use Amhaud's mental health as a defense along with he attacked the Mc Michael's first.
Has nothing to do with them shooting him and trying to run him over.


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Defense trying to use Amhaud's mental health as a defense along with he attacked the Mc Michael's first.
Has nothing to do with them shooting him and trying to run him over.

I realize that defense attorneys have to try but it sounded like they basically confessed to murder and he didn’t have much. The part where they tried to say that he attacked the truck and that’s why he was hit was just pitiful.


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Bond hearing today for Roddy Bryan to get out on bond was denied. Also the McMichaels formally pleaded not guilty.
Interesting that now Roddy is also being investigated by GBI for sex crimes.
Also revealed he had a "racist attitude" in text messages found on his phone.
Of course no trial date set as of yet due to covid.
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This trial is about to get started. I look forward to discussing with you all.
Jury selection will start Monday.
Defense is trying to get in Ahmauds mental health history as well as the fact that he was on probation. Smh...the mental health records are out but they just filed the motion for allowing his past history ( him being on probation and smoking weed) will be ruled on soon.