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Black Man, Ahmaud Arbery, Shot To Death While Out Jogging


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Up next jury instructions.

I thought Linda once again was excellent.
I loved how she showed how Bryan was not innocent by showing him saying, " Y'all got him?"
It showed he knew they were chasing Ahmaud and he made a decision to join.
Also used his statements to show his intent and not that he was just a witness.

I also liked how she addressed blaming the victim.

And how she again explained to the jury how they could arrive at each charge.

Again I say if they had not passed this case on to Linda there would of been a half hearted case put on or no case at all.

My hats off to her she was fantastic this whole trial imo.

Her and the other two procecutors minus Larissa's oops moment.
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His mother walked out when this was said.
They just want to paint him as a scary black man.

They also hinted at the fact that him going for the gun (when it was brandished) was HIS mistake. Like he should just let them shoot him or detain him.

He didn't know WHO these guys were. They could have been sick cult members offering to eat him or offer him as a sacrifice. If I was prosecution I would have mentioned that. I would mention that ANYONE who saw these crazies chasing them would have a natural instinct to RUN LIKE HELL. I would hammer that down. I would mention that for some reason these white men saw themselves as the law and that average black people should harken and bow down to a random white man's "implicit" authority....Then I'd ask the jury...what year is it? I'd hammer down...these were average white ppl this guy had NO IDEA who they were.

I think the prosecutor handled things as she should. Painting white defendants as big, scary, cannibal, racists, doesn’t really work on white juries (they aren’t charged with a hate crime). In fact, it often seems to work against a case.
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What do his toenails have to do with anything? :mad:
So Attorney made a statement stating she was trying to imply that he wasn't running because of the condition of his toenails and she couldn't say it outright because the state didn't open a door for her to do so.

I call BS because in context she did her smear job of blaming the victim and hints at his past whereas that evidence was not admissible. She knew what she was doing.


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Well foreperson was called in and asked if they were close to a verdict and she said they should break for the night however the rest of them decided they wanted to keep going so seems like they decided most of it and we could get a verdict tonight.
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Ok they decided to go home for the night.
I think they were close but can't agree on something so will sleep on it.

Foreperson is a woman.

The lone black juror did make it onto the panel of 12.
The jury is 9 white women, 2 white men and 1 black man.
Alternates are 2 white women and 1 white man.

I don't know how I feel.
The expert lawyers I've been listening to seem to think this indicates a not guilty and I've been watching lawyers of all races and prosecution vs defense. I hope they are wrong.

Also I remember the judge during jury selection say he felt there was discrimination going on but the selection process was within the law.

They start again at 830 tomorrow.


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So they watched from 108 on which is where Ahmaud is running and then goes around the truck. They watched a total of 6 times I think..they asked to watch 3x each video and they watched the original and enhanced. They played Greg's 911 call once.
I didn't want to watch the video again so it was at least 3x but I think 6 bc they watched both versions.

I'm not liking this at all but I'm going to try and stay optimistic.

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I’m not watching this case. Too stressful. Thanks for the updates. I’m annoyed this isn’t a quickly returned guilty verdict. Then again, what if there is just one holdout they are trying to sway?


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I’m not watching this case. Too stressful. Thanks for the updates. I’m annoyed this isn’t a quickly returned guilty verdict. Then again, what if there is just one holdout they are trying to sway?

I’m still hopeful… Keep in mind that they have multiple charges to consider and all 3 defendants were involved differently. I doubt that Roddy Bryan is going to get convicted of 1st degree murder, if he’s found guilty at all.


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Greg McMichael
count 1 not guilty
count 2 guilty felony murder
count 6 guilty
count 7 guilty
count 8 guilty
county 9 guilty

count 1 not guilty
count 2 not guilty
count 3,4,5. felony murder
count 6 ng
count 7 guilty
count 8 guilt
count 9 guilty


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I'm telling ya'll---if certain activists had not tracked these men down...we wouldn't have even known Ahmaud's name. They were protected by both the local police and the District Attorney (who has been arrested) had protected them and lied to his mother--who also had NO IDEA who'd murdered her son.


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Of course mo arrests or charges as of now. This video affected me deeply. Why does this keep happenon?? #sad

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Live TV
Video posted online as DA says case of Georgia man who was chased and killed will go to grand jury
By Angela Barajas, Amir Vera and Steve Almasy, CNN
Updated 9:04 AM EDT, Wed May 06, 2020

Brunswick, Georgia(CNN)The fatal shooting of a black man -- apparently recorded on video in February and posted online Tuesday by a local radio station host -- will go to a grand jury in coastal Georgia, according to a district attorney.

Elements of the disturbing video are consistent with a description of the shooting given to police by one of those involved in the incident.

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was jogging in a neighborhood outside Brunswick on February 23 when a former police officer and his son chased him down, authorities said. According to a Glynn County Police report, Gregory McMichael later told officers that he thought Arbery looked like a person suspected in a series of recent break-ins in the area.
Perspective: Murdered Feb 23rd.
Video released in May.
Arrested in May.

From the article back in May 2020:
Wanda Cooper, the victim's mother, said Wednesday that when she first learned of her son's death, a Glynn County detective had told her that Arbery had been involved in a burglary and was confronted by a homeowner who shot him.

Cooper said it wasn't until days later that she learned that Arbery had been gunned down in the middle of the road while jogging.

"They were profiling him, saying he's a burglar," Crump said. "The only thing they knew was that he was a young black man."

Merritt said he lacks trust in having Durden prosecute the case and wants a special prosecutor assigned after there is an indictment.

Durden is the third district attorney to have the case after two other prosecutors' offices recused themselves because of potential conflicts of interest. Gregory McMichael is a retired investigator for the local prosecutor in Brunswick.