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Black Woman Harmed. Corona Is Bringing Out The Crazy.


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Restaurant Hostess, 17, Is Allegedly Attacked by Adults for Enforcing Social Distancing Protocols

"I was kind of fighting for my life," Kelsy Wallace tells PEOPLE. "I was really scared, calling out for my mama"


A 17-year-old hostess at a Chili's restaurant was allegedly attacked on Sunday after she attempted to enforce the business’ COVID-19 social distancing policies.

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, the Baton Rouge Police department said the teen, Kelsy Wallace, was trying to figure out how to seat a large group when the alleged altercation occurred Sunday.



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This is disgusting.

Employees should not be responsible for enforcing these rules because people are crazy. Call the manager/supervisor to handle it or hire security. I should be able to do my job and make my coins without fearing for my life or having to knuckle up.

And what kind of raggedy-$$$ woman is participating in jumping a 17-year-old? I can't.

Crackers Phinn

Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.


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These are the women being charged.

Tammy Dabney, 48, Erica Dabney, 46, and Rodneka Dabney, 27, were arrested, according to BRPD.
Tammy is facing aggravated second-degree battery charges. The other two women are facing charges of disturbing the peace and simple battery. Police say the investigation remains ongoing.https://www.wmcactionnews5.com/2020/08/14/charged-chilis-hostess-attack-caught-video/

You mean to tell me that it was middle aged women that did this?? :confused:

These women probably have grandkids, and are out beating up a teenager at the local Chili’s, cause they can’t sit together and eat their baby back ribs. Im so sick of people doing stupid :censored:.
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