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Black Women Attacked In Asian Nail Salon


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The Brooklyn district attorney has dismissed assault charges against a customer stemming from a brawl at a nail salon.

"After reviewing all the evidence, interviewing more than a dozen witnesses and analyzing video footage, we dismissed the charges today against Ms. Thomas in the interest of justice,” DA Eric Gonzalez said in a statement.


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I would never say this in mixed company but I'll put it out here. Hindsight being 20/20, some of these situations did not have to escalate on the bw's end. There is no such thing as a perfect $5 manicure, pay the people for their *******y work and call it a day. If your child runs out of the store with something that you didn't pay for, don't throw it back in the store like it's garbage even if it is $0.99. Take it in explain, apologize, hell pay for it since $0.99 ain't nothing and leave on an apology. I'm not saying the Asian people are right, I'm saying bw gotta stop dialing everything up to 10 when the situation can be resolved at 2. Especially if bw ain't making any plans to stop going to these places.

Quoted for emphasis. I'm trying to figure out why some of us can't be out in public without some sort of conflict erupting, constantly. Do we have folks picking on us some of us just because they can? Yep. Do we have some of our people who act like they have no idea how to talk to people and conduct themselves in public sometimes? Yep.

I'm over all of it. The absolute worst nail experience I had was with a FRIEND. Black single mother of 2 boys I befriended. One day, I will come in here and tell y'all of the years long NONSENSE she took me through after I bent over backwards for her. Never mind that it was a pain for me doing acrylics and I was only doing them to support her. Woosah, child.


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I walk past a nail salon on my way home from work. EVERY evening it is bursting at the seams with Black women. Nah, I have no sympathy for any Black woman getting pushed around in these business establishments. It just gets a yawn from me. They willingly patronize them so they get what they get.


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I just go to the one at Walmart. It's Asian, but it's also walmart. I can't do my own toes. Sorry.

As for the video from months ago, I saw an opening where that second lady could have gotten that stick away from the Asian lady. I would have had that stick.


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This thread pushed me to find a black nail tech. I live in the A, but I don't live near where most BNT are located.


Anyway, went to a Beauty School which was Asian owned. Connected with a student. She is willing to come to my home to do my nails. #winning

On the other hand, I still go to the BSS. Why? I can't find Royal Crown medium strength in the quantities that I need to ship home. Yeah I can find it onesies, twosies on Amazon. I buy 12 at a time, plus shipping it's typically @$60 each time.