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Body Butter as Hair Butter?


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Use with caution?

I stumbled upon this etsy shop the other day. They have yummy scented shea lotions and shea based soaps.


I don't research product ingredients much (in depth anyway) and don't know whether butters like these would be harmful/inappropriate to use in one's hair.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Corn Starch, Vitimin E, Propolyene Glycol, Diazolldinyl Urea & Isopropynyl butylcarbamate, Fragrance


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I've used body butter as a hair butter before with no adverse reactions. I used to use Alba Organics Hawaiian Kukui Nut Body Cream in my hair as leave-in after a wash and DC. It wasn't heavy enough for my dry skin but plenty heavy for my hair and really helped lock in the moisture. The jar is pretty expensive for only a small amount so I never repurchased. But if I could get it for less than $5 bucks, I'd buy it again. Hope this helps.


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Body Butters can be great hair moisturizers if the ingredients are acceptable........ the Kukui Nut butter is excellent, I have tried different things, but always come back to this one. The thing that I like about the BB's is that I don't have to worry about protein.
I would avoid anything that had mineral oil or petroleum. OP not sure I would use the one you listed because it has wax in it, I would think that it might cause a lot of buildup if used daily.


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I've used body butters as hair butters a lot, especially when I wore my hair in twists.

I used to sell a hair butter that was only a few ingredients different from a body butter, so that's why I reasoned it was OK to use the body butter on my hair.

I agree with SelfStyled, to avoid buildup I wouldn't use that one every day.


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i make my own butters specifically for my body & hair... the ingredients are all natural & mostly organic... i love multi-purpose products

eta: because my butter is so rich i only need a very little for my hair