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Braid Extensions for the summer?


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I want to braid my hair as i did every summer since i was young until i had my micro braid scare. my hair got really damaged form them.

However i think thats b/c my hair is a little below shoulder length and my ends were out.

And this time im planning to get my braids a little larger and will make sure they are braided past the length of my hair.

so i have to decide to braid or not within the next hr...so what ya think?


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oh yea and i want to braid my hair cause i work out a lot,,and its like pointless getting my hair done b/c i literally sweat it out the next day..sooo


I say do it. Braids are great during the summer especially if you tend to workout on a daily basis. The main reason that I braid during the summer is my hair tends to grow faster when the weather is warmer. I'm always amazed at the amount of length I have gained after I remove them (after 2-3 months).
You are right in making sure that the braids actually cover the length of your own hair. This will ensure those ends don't dry out and your hair will be healthy while your having all that summer fun!!!
Look up the "crown and glory" technique for some really good tips on avoiding buildup at the base of the braids. It really helped me out alot.


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aww thanks ok..i feel better about getting some braids now...thanks..and i have BEEN up on the crown and glory that why i have decided to get the braids a little larger in size...thanks so much..that was reassuring


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Im getting some myself for the summer. Micro braids within the next couple of weeks. They cost a pretty penny but I love the low maintenance of them.