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Braid Extensions


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Hello ladies, school is about to start for me in a couple of weeks and I want to go back with braid extensions. I have natural 4a hair that's a little past my collar bone. I was wondering which kind of braid extensions I should get. Especially since I'll be doing the crown and glory method. So I'll be washing and oiling it quite often. I just wanted to know which kind of braid extension I should get so it won't look quite so rough. I usually do box braids, but I wouldn't mind trying something new. Thanksss :grin:

Spongie Bloom

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Try the freetress line if you want to braid til the end of your hair and leave the rest of the extension unbraided they have plenty of decent styles HTH

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Texlaxed, loccing again
IA. A textured or curly style may look better once your hair starts frizzing out of the braids -- especially using the C&G Method.

You could also try croches/latch hook braids. The cornrows underneath are hidden so you can rock the same ones for a long time and just change up the hair you're latching each month if you want.