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Braid outs for short hair?


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Do braid out and twist outs look good on hair that is above shoulder length? My hair is about bottom neck length in the back and chin length in the front. For all the rest of my head, it's about in the middle of those two. Does anyone have any pics of braid/twist outs on short hair?


i tried the braid-out and didn't like it on my hair (sounds like it's about the same length as yours). however, peachtree said that i might like the twist-out (less shrinkage). i might try it this weekend.


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I tried the braid out on my hair twice, my current length is about chin length mabe a little longer, but the first time I hated it, the second time it didn't come out to bad, the back was really nice but I didn't like the front to much, I will keep experimenting though...


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Hi Soslychic

Yes, I agree with Dstdiva
. Try the "twist out" first... it's less of a "shrinkage shock"
. If u like this "wavy" style, then u'll like the braid out... it's pretty similar, except the braid out has a lot more shrinkage due to the many "crimps".


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I tried a braid out on my hair and liked it - eventually. At first, I was kind of disappointed with the shrinkage, but after getting used to the new look. I just put a headband around my head like I wanted it to shrink up look fluffy. The fact that my hair did not get tanlged up or in my eyes all day made it a definite plus. I will have to try one again and post pics when I get near touchup time.


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Luv, it's gonna shrink a lot
, especially if u wear the braid out (instead of the twist out). Just to give u an example, my braid outs take me from "mid bottom bs" to "mid shoulder blade"...