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Braid outs...


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Another hair question. I am sitting at my desk at work, rocking my first braid out. I can braid hair pretty decent, but I can't braid my hair to my scalp like, cornrowing. My hair is cute, but I like to look polished at work so I put a hat on it. I got the wave pattern from the braids, and my natural wave pattern at the roots, and I'll admit that I was lazy and did not braid close to the scalp. Can you do a decent braid out without cornrowing? Any tips that ladies would like to share?

I LOVED THE RESULTS OF MY BRAID OUT. It meant that I could wear my hair out, without using heat, and using low manipulation. Because I saturated my hair with my leave in, and oil, my hair was as soft as a baby when I unbraided it this morning.

Even when I bun, I always, always, always braid because some how I think wearing your hair braided helps you lock in your moisture and goodies.

NONETHELESS, THE QUESTION IS....do you have to be able to cornrow to get a polished braid out with the same wave pattern from root to tip?

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Not at all. In fact, I like my braids outs from individual braids or twists much better than cornrows...I asked this Q before but no one could help at that time but maybe someone could find this link this time...

Someone posted a really good dos and don'ts of the perfect braid out but I cannot find the link to save my live! They said to put a little bit of moisturizing leave-in, make sure the sections you twist or braid and well detangled (I go through it with a small toothed comb) and make sure you braid/twist that section when it is very wet. That's all I could remember. All I know is when I did this, I had MUCH SWANG!!!! I'm a natural 4b.........