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Brazilian Keratin Treatment Contains Formaldehyde


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Please read the info on this link

Brazilian Keratin Treatment contains formaldehyde and it is the formaldehyde that straightens and NOT THE KERATIN. That is a lie being spread to sell the product. Formaldehyde is used to EMBALM THE DEAD. There have been reports of people using gas masks to apply this poison to customers hair because of the fumes. Salons in the U.S. are starting to use this and it is quickly becoming the next "it" treatment but the salon professionals are not medical professionals. They are not researchers/scientists. They believe what the suppliers tell them but the suppliers are not scientists either. Please stay far away from this product. It is not for us, it's not for anyone. IT IS POISON, please listen and tell any woman interested in this procedure what the deal is.


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I have tried the treatment that contains Formaldehyde. There are very strong fumes and those fumes are dangerous. Masks and proper ventilation are needed and even then who knows what damage is happening.

There is also a formaldehyde-free version but I am not sure what in it straightens the hair. http://www.straightenmyhair.com/