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Broken Hairs


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Ok... Is this normal??? I hope you can see the pictures clearly...

I visit the HD 1x a week for a wash and straighten. She washes and molds my hair in a style with comb (I noticed yesterday a lot of hair in the comb once she was finished). I sit under the dryer for 40 minutes and then she blow drys to straighten and flat iron. This only last for 2 days.

I WAS a little less then a inch above APL, but because my HD indicated my ends were thin and needed to be cut so it can grow fuller. I got it cut 1 - 2 inches. I'm wondering based on the threads if that was a good idea.

Because I workout - I'm in a ponytail the remainder of the week and I wash and DC 2x wk. I'm 9wks post. Current products - Creme of Nature/Silk Elements Mayo(DC)/Infusim Leave-in/QP Elastra Recovery Moisturizer/Mango Butter.

Maybe I'm making the wrong choices with the HD. If I can perfect the Roller Wrap; I may stop going to the HD weekly.


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While waiting for the experts to "chime in", I was just wondering if you've considered cutting down on the weekly heat? Especially considering it's the hood dryer, blowdryer AND the flat iron?


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Yes. I believe I'm going to stop. This week I'm not going so I'm going to try doing it myself w/o all the Heat..


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This doesn't look normal IMO. I would definitely lay off the heat and bump up the protective styling. What kind of comb do you and HD use?


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If it were my head I would think it was a lot if it was all broken hairs and not shedded hairs. I use a flat iron once a week or every other week.


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I'm not an expert either, but lord have mercy...all that heat!!! :burning:

I think it is a good idea for you to start doing your hair yourself. You can still get really pretty results at home, and with less heat, your hair will most likely be healthier and break less.
I mean...why must she blowfry and flat iron after the hood dryer? And every week too? :nono:

ETA: I would be worried if I saw all that in the sink after combing, because they look like broken hair.


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I used to straighten my hair a LOT before I started taking care of my hair. I used to see tons of hairs on the floor and sink. Honestly, just cutting the flat ironing out and moisturizing and sealing my ends with oil really made a HUGE difference. And maybe getting a trim to start fresh with nice ends.


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It seems like it's too much heat for your hair. You should consider doing your own hair at home with minimal heat or even no heat.


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This doesn't look normal IMO. I would definitely lay off the heat and bump up the protective styling. What kind of comb do you and HD use?

I use the Bone Comb and she uses the plastic rat tail comb. The thing is I just started going to her and she indicated she was into heathly hair. I told her my goal and she agreed to help me reach it.

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That definitely looks like alot of hair to me. I didn't typically lose that much hair when I was relaxed and that was before I really started taking good care of my hair. Perhaps it's the heat. I don't really want to recommend products because I really didn't have the healthiest regimen when I was relaxed.

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If all of that is broken hair, then I would be trying to figure out the problem. Especially since you go to the hair dresser weekly.


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I'm really concern now...I'll be DC'ing tonight. No direct heat for a while. I'm going to try the Roller Wraps if I want to wear my hair out.


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i've been natural forever, but i used to see hair like that in the sink while i was combing my dry hair in preparation to straighten. i would be sad that my hair wouldn't grow, but never made the connection that this breakage was the reason why i wasnt gaining any inches. but i've retained almost all my length over the last year and it appears that my hair has miraculously started growing....when actually all i did was cut out the dry combing and heat so that it doesnt break anymore :)


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I used to see a lot more than that everyday. My hair was breaking terribly but I didn't realize at the time that it was hindering my growth.

I never used heat so that wasn't my problem, my hair was just really dry. I never deep conditioned or used leave ins.

As soon as I started adding more moisture to my hair and doing the Aphogee protein the breakage stopped.

I still have broken hair every once in a while, but I don't worry about it because my hair is now retaining length.

I agree with everyone else, lay off the heat and get some moisture into your hair. If you still notice a lot of breakage I would continue with a hardcore protein treatment.

You will notice a difference in your hair immediately.

Hope that helps.


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IA with alot of the recommendations the Other Ladies gave you. That's an awful lot of Manipulation.:ohwell:

When I went Weekly, after I sat under the dryer 40 minutes, (after the setting lotion/molding) my hair was pretty much straight and the stylist proceeded to flat iron. No other 'drying' was used at that point.

The Blowdrying just seems to be 'overkill' in my opinion. And do you know if she's using a Heat Protectant of any kind after administering all that 'heat'? And, Are you 'comfortable' with the Quality of Products she's using on your hair.

Now when I look back at my Nightmarish Weekly visits, IK that they used General Product(s) on everybody's head.:sad: Didn't matter, thick, coarse, thin, fragile, healthy, damaged etc...everybody got the same 'Poo, same Conditioner, same Leave-In etc.........:nono: And they weren't IMO the "Greatest Products" now that I Know Better.:perplexed

She's doing it once a week and you stated you were doing it yourself twice a week.......making it 3 times a week? To me, that's alot of manipulation. I would also start doing a protein & moisture DC Treatment, during my at home practices.

Since you have a fresh trim, I would begin weaning myself away and thinking of the possibility of becoming a DIY.:blush: