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BSL/MBL 2015 Challenge


Are yall ready for this? I am! If you are at or near apl then bsl/mbl is a realistic goal for the end of 2015. Thank to join the challenge.

Posting your regimen is optional:yep:

You can post your starting pic now or wait until the end of this year.
I would like for all of us to do a quarterly update (March, June, September and December)

Check in as often as you like. Let's take our vitamins, eat clean, exercise, deep condition, moisturize and take great care of our hair and bodies.

Happy hair growing :yay:

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A little about my hair: I have medium density, fine/medium strands, 4b, low porosity and my current length is aplish.
I will post my starting pic next weekend after my blowout and trim.

My regimen: I get a blowout every 2-4 weeks at a Kerastase salon. She uses the Discipline line and I am in love with it. I moisturize my ends every other day with either Ciment Thermique, Keratine Thermique or Nutri Thermique.

When I am not wearing a straight style I wear plaits under a wig. When I shampoo at home I use Cream of Nature detangling shampoo in the green bottle and I dc with one of my Kerastase masks.
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I'm in here! Posting my starting pic end of December. Was NL this time last year. Currently apl. Will be nice claiming mbl next year.

My regimen
Clarify biweekly
pre poo weekly
Moisturizing wash and dc 1-2x weekly , add protein every few weeks
Conditioner detangle with wide comb
Let hair air dry halfway then bun. M/s every 2-3 days

I bun mostly, and let bun down 1-2x biweekly
I apply edge control or Eco styler for sleekness
Flat iron 4 or 5 times yearly.
I like henna and will incorporate henna treatments monthly.


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I'm full apl aiming for bsl this spring. I'm not good at straightening my own hair so I don't have a right now pic but here's a pic from last month, I don't think my hair has changed that dramatically since.

My regimen:

I have tweaked it to make it even more simple

Moisturize and seal every other day
Wash hair with shampoo once a week (on weekends) and dc
Protein treatment every 6 weeks
Light dusting of the ends every 8 weeks. Will only use heat on the dusting days.

I wear my hair in braidouts 98% of the time and usually use headbands to keep the hair off my shoulders. I also relax and stretch my relaxers for about 12 weeks minimum. Last relaxer was actually today. Attempting not to do so again til june 2015.
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Prettymetty I use keracare detangling shampoo too! I've been trying to replace it for years tho because I'm not crazy about the price but nothing compares to it.


Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
I'll join. I'll post a pic at the end of December, but my avatar shows my current length. I hope to be APL by 31 December.
My current regimen:

•co wash as needed
•shampoo once a month with Shea Moisture
•oil scalp with castor oil every time I cowash/shampoo
•LOC- peppermint oil/ aloe Vera mix, grapeseed oil, and my Shea butter concoction (sparingly)
•I use buns or wigs as my protective styles

My hair is 3bc/4a, fine/medium with low density and medium porosity. I also pre-poo with coconut oil and use Aphogee protein treatment once a month. My fine hair loves protein.
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I'm in.
Hair type: 4a/4b/4c (majority 4b)
Length: BSL
My regimen:
-Co wash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 3x a week
-Shampoo (Aussie Mircale moist or anything I can get my hands on) once a month.
-Henna every 8 weeks. (My hair is thin and needs constant strengthening or breakage will inevitably happen)
-Moisturise hair daily will elasta qp moisturiser. Seal with coconut or shea butter.
-I want to do the GHE , so everytime I co wash my hair I will GHE. That means 3x a week.

I will be using protective styles such as wigs, and twists to retain growth. If left free all the time my hair will just knot up.

Shall be coming soon with a start picture of my length.


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I'm currently BSL. I was hoping to be MBL by the end of this year but that may not happen, but I definitely think I can make MBL by the first half of 2015. My starting length pic is from September. I'm in a sew-in right now so my regimen is out of whack. However, I normally wash and deep condition at least once a week. The cold weather is upon us where I live so I'm not sure how often I will be able to co-wash. I take MSM and biotin and just added BioSil for the short-term.


  • September 2014 Length Check (Flat Iron) 2.jpg
    September 2014 Length Check (Flat Iron) 2.jpg
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I’ll join, but I’ll post a pic at the end of the year. I’m around APL now and I hope to be MBL by the end of next year.

My reg:
- weekly clay wash or co-wash; conditioner rinse
- LCO daily
- protective style with two strand twists (my own hair)


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Thanks for the tag, :). Here are my stats: Texlaxed, Low Porosity, and Fine. I'm a little past APL and could make BSL by December or early 2015. My regimen is as this:

Tuesday or Wednesday: mid week cowash

Friday Night: overnight prepoo

Saturday: cowash/mudwash, deep condition under the steamer, condition and seal, air dry in single braids

Sunday: Bun


I rinsed my hair with Beyond the Zone color jamz in Raspberry Kamikaze. Here is how it turned out.

On another note I am getting my hair blown out and trimmed next Saturday. I will probably post my starting pic afterwards.


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ackee walk

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I'd like to join but can't post starting pics until next month after I blow out my hair and get a trim. I'm natural 4a/b with fine strands, medium density, I think. I should be past APL, approaching BSL. I'd like to reach MBL by end of 2015.
I want to join. This will be my first challenge on this forum. I'm very excited! I'll probably post a picture at the end of December. My hair is APL right now.


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Hi all! Been following LHCF for a while but finally decided to participate! Looking forward to this challenge. Last perm was in 1999 but not seeing the growth/retention I'd been hoping for. Currently near APL, looking forward to being BSL in 2015. Will see how this post goes...may try to post a pic soon thereafter :)


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I'm in! I'm gonna complete one challenge this/next year damn it.

I think I'm barely grazing BSL but I wont post a pic until I straighten my hair for Thanksgiving.

Hair type: 4b-4c I think.
Right now I wash about 3x a week if I'm not tired with CON w/ arogan oil or Yes to Carrots tea tree oil shampoo. I have a swimming class 3x a week.

Sometimes I co-wash/pre-poo during the week with various V05 conditoners.
Condtioner is Cantu leave in (the tub). ETA: ran out of Cantu bought some Hawaiian Silky leave in.

DC is ORS. The orange one (sorry I'm running on 2 hours sleep). Or a mix of V05 chamomile tea conditioner, honey and olive oil. Rarely I do a Silk Elements cholesterol/mayonnaise (hard protein).

My hair is in two french braids with a twist from temple to temple to protect and regrow my edges. It's been in that style since August.
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Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
Just co-washed my hair with Shea Moisture (the new moisture one) and Kovex keratin conditioner. LOC with water, grapeseed oil, and Shea butter mixture. My hair feels awesome.


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Thanks for the tag Prettymetty. By faith by December 2015 I will be between bsl and mbl, I just need to give birth to this baby so I can stop being lazy and take full charge of my hhj.


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I'm here for it! I'll add my photo to this post at the end of the year.

Editing to add my photo. Looks like I finally made it back to APL. This is a fresh roller set and as straight as it'll get. I wanna get to MBL, but I'm a slow grower, so I'll be happy if I can just get to BSL by Dec '15.


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Girl I feel you Fotchygirl I'm 6 months and this baby takes much of my energy. How far along are you? Maybe we can motivate each other getting past preggo laziness