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Caffeine on the Scalp Grows Hair! Serious Studies



la flaca said:
Did it work?

Girl, I don't even know. All I know is that I loooooooooved the way it smelled and my best friend was just shaking her head at me....although she's paid for at least one Dunkin Donuts franchise sip by sip. :)



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Someone told me about this a long time ago and I started washing my hair with coffee but I stopped cause my momma said I was waisting her coffee.


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I have some cellulite cream that hair 85% caffeine in it.....ummm.... wonder if I should be putting it on my scalp instead of my butt n thighs!!!!!!


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Boy am I losing it This week alone I've considered putting chicken grease, birth control pills, and now coffee in my hair.:lol: :lol: :lol:


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Who has had success with coddewy? I bought some coffee oil from @cultural connection. Black owned. Wanted to support. It was pricey. I bought 2(2 oz) bottles for about $30. I’ll definitely be looking for a recipe to make my own.