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Can We add a TRAVEL section on the board??? Pretty please?


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Can we please consider adding a travel section on the board. one fo the things i love most about LHCF is corresponding with members from all over the globe or members who have lived all over the globe. It would be cool to have a section where we can share travel chat and recommendations...especially with the majorirty of us having atleast one similar interest, its nice to add travel to that list. Just a thought. Not sure if it was already suggested. I certainly would LOVE this one to take off.
(Ironically, I haven't had the opportunity to travel as much as I would love to but I do love learning about diffeent cities and countries, cultures and travel experiences)


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I would LOVE!!! that I've always wanted to travel, but I would love to hear the experiences of other women on this board!

lady djm

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I would love it too. Continuing to bump the "Black Female Travelers Unite" thread is starting to become annoying