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Can't remember my password--email address is a no longer working address


New Member
Hi. I have an issue with my account. My email that I used to register is no longer active, it's an old work email. I'm no longer with the company, and here's the kicker--I can't remember my password! I want to change the email on this account to another (personal) email address but I can't remember my passord to do so, and the only option of retrieving a password is to send it to the registered email, which I don't have access to.:ohwell: I haven't logged out since the time that I was last able to remember the password which is like over 6 months--which is why I'm able to send you this message. But I want to be able to access the site from other computers and I cant. PLease help!

Is there anyway you can reset my password for me? If you need some kind of verification, I can give you the email address and the name on the paypal account used to pay for my subscription. Thx in advance.