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Capillary Schedule what it is, how to start.


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Hi Ladies, :wave:

Here’s the short answer it’s a scheduled hair treatment routine focusing on hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction (protein) balance to get your hair in the best health possible so your hair can get thicker and longer. This method comes from Brazil originally so thanks to our Brazilian sisters out there. Also I have to clarify that moisture and hydration are not the same thing *see below
I’ll link some videos on it and heres some examples of basic capillary schedules, how to choose products. I’ve added Bond Builders to the basic regime but it’s not part of the original ones as you’ll see. Also I’ll post mine.

Example Capillary Hair Schedule

Either shampoo or cowash your hair 1-3 times a week. I recommend shampooing on the reconstruction days before applying the protein on damp hair for better results. Then follow with one of these masks store bought or DIY.

For normal non damaged hair or maintenance schedule

Week 1 Hydration

Week 2 Nutrition

Week 3 Hydration

Week 4 Reconstruction or **Bond Builder (BB) Hydration, Nutrition or Moisturizing Rinse out

For damaged dry hair

Week 1 Hydration/Hydration

Week 2 Hydration/Nutrition

Week 3 Hydration/Hydration

Week 4 Reconstruction or **Bond Builder (BB)/Hydration, Nutrition or Moisturizing Rinse out

For extremely dry damaged hair. This is a 3times a week wash and treatment schedule

Week 1 Hydration/Hydration/Nutrition

Week 2 Hydration/Hydration/Reconstruction or **Bond Builder Hydration, Nutrition or Moisturizing Rinse out

Week 3 Hydration/Hydration/ Nutrition

Week 4 Hydration/Hydration/ Reconstruction or**Bond Builder Hydration, Nutrition or Moisturizing Rinse out

Alternate Reconstruction and Bond Builders as needed 1 month Reconstruction then 1 month BB or every other week. Or double up BB on Hydration days and still do a Reconstruction Treatment.

To tell what kind of conditioner or mask it is truly look at the majority main ingredients.

Hydration Masks: Any fruits carbs, sugars, Honey, agave, maple syrup, sugars, glycerin, glycerol etc… to rehydrate and bring water into the hair. Hint: Elasticity, Nutrition, Hydration, Healing, Hair Food, no usuals here everyone calls it something different even calling them moisture masks. *Which is not accurate and makes things confusing because moisture is more about the outer layer of hair and hydration is the inner layer. Example if your hair is moisturized you can make it look good shiny no fly always but it won’t feel good or healthy.

Nutrition Masks: Any fruit or nut oils, butters, lipids. To replace oils and lipids in the hair. Such as: Coconut oil, avocado, avocado oil, banana, Shea butter, calendula oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, Argan oil, almond oil, macadamia nut oil etc… Hint: Usually labeled as moisture masks and conditioners.

Reconstruction Masks: Any protein to rebuild and strengthen protein bond in the hair. Such as: Keratin, Arginine, Collagen, Wheat protein, Gelatin, hydrolyzed protein (rice, soy, vegetable) rice, rice water, yogurt, Milk, Silk Amino Acids. Hint: Usually labeled as reconstructor or strengthening conditioners or masks, like aphogee 2 step treatment or beaten egg yolks.

**Bond Builder Treatments: This can also include bond builders like Curl smith or Olaplex. They build up internal mid shaft Olaplex to outer bond Curlsmith within the hair. Olaplex has a patented compund that rebuilds the hair binds inside the shaft. They are not just a protein treatment. Curlsmith is more of a protein bond rebuilder like Aphogee 2 step but not as intense. These are NOT conditioners they must be followed up with a pH balancing or hydration mask or rinse out conditioner afterwards.

Capilary schedule explained

Olaplex and Curlsmith comparison


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Since I’m 2 months into this new regime this schedule might change.

My Capilary schedule.
Shampoo 1x / week Co wash 2 times per week.

Weeks 1 and 3: Hydration. Hydration. Reconstruction or Bond Builders
Weeks 2 and 4: Hydration. Hydration Nutrition

That was the first 2 months now I alternate 3 times a week with 2 times a week schedule.

Weeks 1 and 3: Hydration Reconstruction or Bond Builder
Weeks 2 and 4: Hydration Nutrition

Now if you read my How Olaplex saved my hair thread you know I’m on board with Olaplex. I use their entire line and This is the first product that I can use a quarter sized amount per section of hair.

New Hair regime in progress
Shampoo: Briogeo Don’t despair repair moisture shampoo, Olaplex #4
Conditioner: Briogeo Don’t Despair repair moisture conditioner, Olaplex #5
Hydration: TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. Still looking for a second mask
Nutrition: Amalaki Oil blue beautify, innate life scalp and hair treatments, and homemade rosemary infused oil Blend, Olaplex #7 oil, shea butter (Winter) this is when I do scalp massages and inversion method.
Reconstruction: Aphogee 2 step protein treatment with balancing conditioner, Briogeo Don’t despair repair hair mask it’s a light to medium protein mask. Aphogee keratin 2 minute conditioner a very light protein Rinse out conditioner.
Bond Builder: Olaplex #0 and #3

Leave in stylers: Olaplex #6 and #7, innate life rose elixir oil
styles none pokahantes braids under a wig- done. Moisturize daily.
I DC using heat steamer, heat cap or dryer
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I've been reading up on this and it sounds interesting. I think that I might give it a go.

I also found this list of ingredients which gives more information as to what is hydrating, moisturizing, and nourishing.


(I don't take credit for the translation)



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So, I'm on month 2. I added weekly updates in the hair scheduling thread, but here are my thoughts. Please keep in mind I'm on a no poo/no rinse out conditioner routine.

Personally, because I was using a lot of herbs, I found that three days per week of washing my hair felt like a lot because I was doing some pretty ingredient intense DIY recipes. I used the Meu Cronograma Capillar app to get me started and to set my schedule for me. In the first month, I set the schedule so that I was washing my hair 3 days a week, which is what they recommend.

I felt like washing my hair this many times with ayurvedic treatments left my hair feeling a bit dry. I think that if I were washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner I would have had a more positive experience since it would be coated a bit more due to the ingredients used in shampoos and conditioners.

My hair was/is pretty healthy, I think but I like the idea of breaking down my routine into hydrating, nourishing, and reconstructive. In doing so, I was better able to pick which herbs I should use and when and as a result improve my overall routine and I think my hair. (So my hair went from good to better, I think.)

This past month and going forward, I am doing a maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule is working well. Next month I might try twice a week and see what that is like, but overall I had positive results with it.

I think it could be beneficial for people who have absolutely no schedule at all, don't necessarily have (access to) salon quality ingredients, or people who don't mind DIY.

A lot of people on the app don't have afro hair. The app recipes are in Portugese and they do take into account our hair type with a few recipes.