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Cheap, Protective Style Ideas?


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I've been natural for 2 years now and relaxer free for 3 years. I don't want to deal with styling my hair nicely every day but still want to access it to wash and deep condition every 2 weeks or so.

Right now I'm wearing a straight lacefront wig but I don't like how it blends in the front. I leave no hair out, just the smallest amount of my edges that I use edge control on to give the straight look. The lace is thick though, so you still see the line of demarcation.

I want a cheap style that I can use for a month or so and still access my hair to care for it. I don't want to deal with box braids though. Any ideas?


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Cheapest styles tend to be ones with cheap hair and that you can do yourself.
My advice would be twists. They are always the quickest and cheapest for me.

I like crochet braids which can be pretty cheap but definitely time consuming and the parting can be an "acquired" taste.

The only type that can give you easy access to your hair would be a wig or clip ins. But they can be expensive if you want the hair to last and look good. I'll be honest I look for cheap, quick PSs all the time and I don't think you will find a PS that will fill all of your requirements but hopefully you will find something that will fit a couple of them.


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Faux buns with marley hair. Or goddess braids ( i think that's what they're called)
They're quick and easy to style up and take down to access your hair. And Marley hair is cheap.



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I've been wearing my own hair in smallish double strand twists. I pull them back into a low pony, then put a du-rag on the pony to protect it. I got some longish synthetic hair that I banded together. I wrap that around the du-rag pony and tie it into a bun. I get compliments and I even fooled my best friend. She thought it was my own hair!

I've been wearing this style for months. Super easy and protective.