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Christmas Hair Styles! What are your styles/ideas?


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Hi ladies!

I know it may seem a little early, but I figure the stores start early and they're just looking to make a profit, so why shouldn't I start early to "profit" from good planning!

I'll start off with a bit of history for the "why" Christmas Hair Styles are such important ideas at this particular time.

This Christmas will be the first time my family in America will see me since beginning my Healthy Hair Journey earlier this year.

I also hope to be BSL (though not full, just from the back layers) by Christmas.

November 2009 is the month I stopped using heat and thanks to this forum, I've learned how to baggy bun, and rather like doing so, BUT.....

after bunning since March 2010, there is no way I think I'll want to do that during the holidays, as well.

At the same time, I don't want to throw away all this work by keeping my hair down the whole time I'm back just to prove to my non believing family that we too, can grow hair.

What are you going to do with your hair for the holidays?

How many of you (us) "protective stylers" plan to definitely wear their hair out for Christmas?

New Year's parties and hairdo's?

Or are there many who feel like "it's just another day or so" and the long term goals (I'm in some pretty lofty MBL and WL Challenges) are more important.

Have any of you traveled with your hair down and arrived with it STILL looking good? (if so, please explain how! I'll be on 2 planes and it'll take 15 hours.)

Thanks ladies!



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*raises hand*
I want to have my hair down on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, December 28th, and New Year's Day.
Every other day between, it's buns and pinups.
I'm not worried about losing progress, because if you think about it, once you pass APL, the critical stage of protective styling is done. From that point on, your hair is lying like...parallel to the body, instead of perpendicular, the way it is when your hair is between SL and APL. As long as you don't do anything ridiculous like flat ironing everyday, swinging your hair into the fireplace, or dangling your hair over a blender, you should be okay.

As far as traveling with your hair out...I don't know. The furthest I've had to go wearing my hair down and straight was a four hour trip by Greyhound Bus. But for what it's worth, I pincurled my hair at home and wore them until I got to my final destination. I had a scarf in my purse, and when I wanted to nap, I tied it around my head. I got some strange looks, but oh well, because my hair looked good at the end of the day.
Or if you have a wig, you could try wrapping your hair under it and then just wearing the wig until you got to the terminal in America. Then just take off the wig in the bathroom, comb down your wrap, and you're ready to go wow your family.
Besides that, I can't imagine how you would go 15 hours in a plane and come out with flawless hair. Especially with how dry the cabin air can be.


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Chaosbutterfly, i have to say it took me quite a minute to get the perpendicular thing, but now i think i understand.

and thanks for the laugh about the swinging the hair in the fireplace! (i've heard of that actually happening!)

i'm still thinking about the different possibilites, and happy i won't be the only one who is taking that hair down for the holidays! (yes, i'm in the hide your hair challenge....)


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:D :D :D

I'm so excited....

I will be sporting a two strand flat twist/two strand twist hawk or something to that effect. I just can't wait to play with my hair. By then I hope to be APL, if not eh *shrug* still sporting that style cause I will be giving my hair it's due attention. But if I am APL . . . :D :D :D :D those two strand twists will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more delicious.

:D :D :bighug: I'm so glad I can look forward to wearing my hair without an extension of some sort. I've always been in braids because of convenience. But now I know that I can look nice and have fun with my HEALTHY hair. :D yay LHCF. k...toOo much sugar at breakfast. :look:


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Grow omg I had no idea u were Italy. I should really keep up around here lol. Me personally I haven't flat ironed since my graduation in May so I def plan on flat ironing for Christmas. I also am in the process of getting rid of these texlaxed ends to im gonna stretch the relaxer until dec, that will put me at about 16 weeks, relax, flat iron, and then trim about 1 in.