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Clarifying ?


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How often should it be done? Lately it seems as if no matter what conditioner that I use nothing really works. My favorites that use to work wonders now does nothing really at all
. I have tried leaving them on for a longer period of time and my hair is a tangled ROUGH mess afterwards. When my hair is wet the surface is rough and not smooth like usual. I don't know what to do. I clarified with Pantene clarifying shampoo but there really wasn't much of a difference. Should I go ahead and clarify again on Sunday? Is thier another good brand of clarifying shampoo that you guys have good results with ? Why in the he** are my conditioners NOT WORKING
??? Should I clarify every 2or 3weeks? My god, LUST isnt even working like it did when I first tried it and I was in
with LUST, not even my Dominican rinses are working or my Motions Moisture Plus
Please help me


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I clarify every 2 weeks. I use alot of crap in my hair (co washes, oils, leave-ins, moisturizer, deep conditione EVERYTIME I wet my hair, setting lotion, s-curl, and hair polishers) My hair gets mad at me if it's not every two or three weeks. I follow with a protein treatment.

Believe me, the Pantene must have worked! That stuff is HARSH. After lathering up twice I can hear my hair squeak. Maybe your hair is dried out from it?

I guess it would be ok to try again, but use a super D duper deep conditioner after..


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Thanks for your replies. I too agree that the Pantene clarifying is harsh, I will use it again this week. I think I didn't clarify for a while before last Saturday when I used it. Maybe I need to clarify more often than every 3-4 weeks. I think maybe every 2 weeks. I will use it followed my Motions Lavishing conditioning shampoo. Hopefully this works! Gosh, now this is another extra bottle to bring to the salon with me


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I used to clarify once a month. Now I clarify as often as my hair needs it (listening to my hair). This is what works for me.


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I would suggest you do a ACV rinse after you shampoo and before the conditoner. I tried it this weekend for the first time and I was very impressed. Thanks to those that recommended it.


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i clarify when ever i try a new conditioner which is often because im trying to find which work best for my natural hair...but normally every two weeks with pantene. i only use a dime size and lather once no more than that. i dont wash till its squaeky clean cuz my hair sounds like rubber!


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Yeah I don't really like my hair squeaky clean. Pantene clarifying lathers very easily. I don't understand why I would have build up when I don't apply lots of oils and moisturizers to my hair. This is strange to me. In the summertime I use to rinse like everyday and my hair felt A LOT better than it does now. I can't do the air dry thing now because I will catch a cold. I have tried many times and have failed because it is toooo cold for me to walk around and go to sleep with soaking wet hair.

Thanks again !
I will definetely clarify a bit more often


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I really like Lanza deep cleasing shampoo THANKS TO BRH.
I use it every three weeks works great.


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I clarify as often as needed. I now have a light clarifying shampoo(Elucence Volume Clarifying) & a heavy duty clarifying shampoo(Pantene). The Pantene really does pretty much strip the hair, but sometimes it's exactly what is necessary to get your products back to working like they used to


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Britt- Have you tried Paul Mitchell The Shampoo 2 ? I liked it alot when I used it. My hair felt very clean and airy yet not stripped.