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Classic Length 2013


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I don't know why, but I seriously believe that I could reach Classic by the end of this year (2021). I'm a few inches shy of Hip Length. I'll post updated pics next month, but I have my regimen down pat!

All I need is:

A Moisturizing Shampoo (Weekly)
A Clarifying Shampoo (Monthly)
A Rinse Out Conditioner
A Leave In/Curl Cream
Hair Grease
A Deep Conditioner

All I do is wet my hair, detangle it with conditioner, then I shampoo it twice. After that, I deep condition for an hour or more, Rinse that out and put my leave in on, followed by hair grease on the length to seal in the moisture. Then, I'll rake in some gel for hold on my curls and let it air dry.

After 2-3 days, I'll spray my hair with water, add some moisturizer followed by grease on my scalp and my length and I put it up in a bun and leave it alone until 7 days later.

Hair's been growing like weeds! And I never have crunchy curls anymore but they last for DAYS because of the grease!

I mainly use Aussie products and Novex deep conditioners. I am currently using a combing cream from Brazil as my leave in and I'm loving it! :lick: