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Congratulations to February 2014 Feature of the Month - Lucie!


Dancin' on sunshine!
You look amazing!!! My inspiration for rollersetting.

brownb83, WOW! Thank you. It's crazy but the longer my hair gets the faster I roller set my hair. I was listening to a Martin episode on YT while roller setting and I had 4 more minutes to go on the epi and was done. :blush:

Beautiful:yep: Congratulations:grin:

Nix08, thank you honey!

starchgirl, thanks honey!

Beautiful!!!! Congrats!

kikigirl, thank you sweetheart!

Congrats! @Lucie. Love your pictures!

Pompous Blue, aww...... thanks babe!


Dancin' on sunshine!
:lol: :lol:

Such gorgeous hair! Congrats @Lucie. :grin:

Whatchy laughing at LOVIE? :look: Thanks honey! brooklyngal73


Lilmama1011, thanks honey.


HappywithJC723, thank you!

congrats, you hair is beautiful lucie.

Xaragua, thanks Cherie!

Stunning hair! Congratulation!!!

tenderheaded, thanks so much lovie!

Well deserved @Lucie! :clap:

january noir, thanks lovie! Yanno what? I was just telling southerncitygirl, I always wanted to be FOTM and a few days later Beverly asked me. I was like WOW! I need to work on the lotto! :look: :yep: :lachen:


Dancin' on sunshine!
you sure thats all you hair... LMAO! (JOke think tumblr) Well deserved... You hair is the bomb.com love

AnjelLuvsUBabe, LOL! Yep. :lol: Thank you lovie!

Congratulations sweetie, very well deserved!

GodsPromises, thank you honey! What did you decide on wearing out for your date? LOL! I need to go see if you responded to what you chose. xo

Congrats sis!! Beautiful!

*Frisky* thanks lovie. When are you coming back to NY?

Thank you for all the hair tips!!


brownb83, you are quite welcome!

Ma chere soeur...mes compliments ma belle.

Fine 4s, merci mon amour. :grin:


Dancin' on sunshine!
Awesome! Congratulation! I loved your natural hair too!!!!

Ltown, thank you boo! I am considering BCing next year. I will wait for WL and see what I decide. I just love cutting my hair. :grin:

Congratulations, Lucie!!

yodie, thanks babe!

Congrats Lucie!

blackmaven, thank you lovie!

Absolutely stunning!
I went and made a green smoothie as soon as I was done reading! I wanna be like @Lucie!!

LivingInPiece, thank you! I love green smoothies! :lick: I put my dad onto them and he has not looked back. It has been about 2 years now. :yep:



Dancin' on sunshine!
So, so well deserved... Congratulations @Lucie !!!


FlowerHair, thanks honey.

congrats @Lucie !!!

sharifeh, thanks lovie!


TopShelf, thanks honey!!!

Congrats, Lucie!

greight, thanks babe!

Congrats @Lucie! Beautiful hair, beautiful girl!

MrsTimberlake, thanks so much! :grin:


Michelle1971, thanks honey!


Dancin' on sunshine!

favored8, thanks so much honey!

Yay!!! Congrats Lucie......

caramelmocha, LOL! Thank you! I said YAY too when Bev asked me!

Congratulations @Lucie. You have beautiful hair.

Rozlewis, thank you so much!

Congratulations @Lucie!!

sapphire74, thanks babe!


sunnydaze, I love your avatar! Thank you!

I want to be @Lucie when I grow up! Amazing head of hair and so pretty!

BraunSugar, aww....... thank you so much! xo


Dancin' on sunshine!
My cousin Lucie!!! Yeah!!! So proud of you girl! Congratulations!!!

BostonMaria, hola prima! Muchas gracias linda!


sunnieb, thanks lovie!

Congratulations Lucie!!!

Take a bow and then swing that pretty hair back. :grin:

victorious, LOL! Thanks honey. *takes a bow*

Congratulations Lucie!

Ladybug33, thanks honey. I love ladybugs! :grin:

Congrats pretty lady!

bebezazueta, thanks lovie!


Dancin' on sunshine!
Congratulations - you are so pretty!

sipp100, thank you so much. *blushing*


You and your hair are beautiful!!

intellectualuva, thanks so much honey!

Yay @Lucie Well deserved!! Your hair is stunning!!

biancaelyse, thanks so much sis!

So pretty. Congrats!!

dontspeakdefeat, thank you so much! :grin:

Congratulations! I always loved your hair.

RainyDaze, thank you so much honey!


Dancin' on sunshine!
Congratulations @Lucie!! Very well deserved.

Trini_Chutney, thank you so much honey.!

Congratulations, lovely hair !

ultrasuede, thanks so much!

Congratulations, Lucie!!! Well deserved!!! :)

Garner, thanks so much lovie!

@Lucie- aaaw my friend in my head teehee :). Congratulations to you lady :).

natural2008, hey boo! Thank you! *waving*

Congratulations Lucie!

BlaqBella, thanks so much! xo


Dancin' on sunshine!
Congrats. That's a nice head of hair you have there lady.

kandiekj100, thanks so much lovie!

Congrats! We both know it's that undercover Trini blood that did it - shhhh, I won't tell anyone. :grin:

All jokes aside, great job and props to the good Haitian living and secret haircare tricks. :yep:

curlicarib, LOL! When I met my ex-husband. He asked me if I was Trini LOL! So maybe....... I have some family from there. :lol: Thank for your kind words. xo


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You mean to tell me Lucie hasn't had this honor before? Man, I remember when she did the big chop and had a thick hair of luscious beautiful curls. She's been on of my hair models ever since!


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Congratulations Lucie. Your hair and body are gorgeous. You are just a pretty little thing.

I too agree, Congratulations to you Lucie, my sister in my head. Well deserved and your hair is just so Luscious. I'm still convinced you're hiding some key info about your regimen though :grin: but i won't hassle you just yet; imma let you enjoy your feature of the month.

Have a great month Beautiful!