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Congratulations to February 2014 Feature of the Month - Lucie!


Dancin' on sunshine!

DarkJoy, *waves* Hey twin! :lol:

Congrats pretty lady!!

You mean to tell me Lucie hasn't had this honor before? Man, I remember when she did the big chop and had a thick hair of luscious beautiful curls. She's been on of my hair models ever since!

ellebelle88, Aww........ thanks sweetheart!

Congrats! your hair always looks amazing in your siggys

Sholapie, thanks so much lovie. I like your screen name! :lol:

Congrats @Lucie!!!! Your hair looks sooo pretty

pelohello, thanks honey!

I too agree, Congratulations to you @Lucie, my sister in my head. Well deserved and your hair is just so Luscious. I'm still convinced you're hiding some key info about your regimen though :grin: but i won't hassle you just yet; imma let you enjoy your feature of the month.

Have a great month Beautiful!

PureSilver, LOL! Ask away!


tapioca_pudding thanks honey!

Congrats, Lucie :) I have always admired your hair.

Son26, aww...... thank you! xo


Dancin' on sunshine!
I'm late but YaY Lucie! Congrats!!! :yay:

@Brondilocks, thanks honey! LOL @ that dancing banana. He stole my moves! :lachen:

awww...of course well deserved. beautiful hair lovee <3

sylver2, thanks boo!

Gorgeous :drool: worthy hair!

TamedTresses, thanks honey!

Congratulations!! Your hair is beautiful!

msmarc1, thanks honey!

Congratulations!! :)

ladybug71, thank you! :grin:


Itllbeokbaby, thanks so much! I like your screen name! I always go with my name in my screen name. So boring! :lol:

Congratz @Lucie! Long overdue!!!!!

wheezy807, thanks lovely!


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MsKinkycurl, thank you so much!

I didn't know they were still doing these! Congrats @Lucie !!!!!! Well deserved :yep:

Sosa, thanks so much! *blushing*

Always thought she had drool worthy hair! Congrats! :up:

DragonPearl, merci mon amour! :grin:

Congrats! Wonderful head of hair!

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Saludable84, thank you sweetheart!


Dancin' on sunshine!