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Consistency Challenge, anyone interested?


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Do you find yourself always changing your routine even though you've found one that works? Do you wonder if being consistent with one regimen will be more beneficial over time? If so would you be interested in a consistency challenge. We can challenge ourselves to be stick to a specific regimen for a period of time (ex: one perm cycle, 8 weeks, 3 months, etc) and see if there are any benefits. In doing this I think it will be ok to alternate between products with different benefits (ex: moisture and protein) but we would have to stick with the same products for the duration. By all means if you feel a product is damaging your hair please change.

If anyone is interested post your regimen here and we can either each pick our own length of time that we want to stick to or we can do it as a group. Let me know.


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IM IN I stay swicthing up my regimen eventhough I found one that works.

My regimen is in my fotki under the about me section


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I am down too....reading on this site keeps me forever changing what I want to do with my hair :perplexed

I was planning on doing a personal regimen challenge from July 15 - December 15...so I am definitely IN...:grin:

I also am going to couple this with a no new product challenge that will start at the same time..PJism is for the birds...its too stressful for me :eek:


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I would love to join this challenge. I am starting to go back to what worked best for me even before I joined hairboards: twistouts. Oh why did I ever stray? :perplexed

I am considering returning to airdrying in twistouts too while setting the ends on rollers to help infuse some moisture back into my strands (and work on those ends!) I am slowly nailing down my regimen and products. My staples are in my siggy and I am trying desperately hard to not buy any new products (I don't know how successful I'll be though. :ohwell: ) This is what I am planning to do:

Co-wash every 3 days or as needed when excercising in the hot summer sun.
Shampoo 1x week, first lather with Pantene Purity or CON Blue for clarifyning purposes, follow up w/moisturizing poo.
Several times a month deep conditioning treatments and pre poos on dry hair with steaming hot towel topped with a shower cap (thanks Marchereieamour! :p )
Heat treat every now and then with Conair Ionic hotrollers on clean airdried hair.
Low manipulation styles: Braidouts and buns.
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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one having trouble staying consistent. I have so many products that I don't know what to use with what, yet I want to use them all so that I can finish them.

I think we should start July 1st in order to give anyone who wants to join a chance to come up with a good regimen. We can go until November 1st, four months should be enough time to tell if your regimen is working or not.

Let me know what you think about the start and end date.


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July 1 sounds good to me, girlie! I definitely want to nail this reg down as well as my products. I have used enough my share of conditioners I didn't want anymore in pre-poos and deep conditioning treatments, I want to concentrate on my beloved staples now. :cool: