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Cool Cap vs. Dry Me Quick Dryer Cap


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Ladies, do any of you have experience with either of these dryer attachments? If so, did it help reduce your drying time under the hood and keep your ears from scorching?

Please advise!

Here's some videos:

Cool Cap

Dry Me Quick Dryer Cap



It looks like the cool cap is $9.95 and the Dry Me Quick Dryer Cap is $19.99 + S/H.

This particular video is funny!


Ms. Nobody
I'm intrigued.

my soft bonnet dryer is shaped like that but it has holes to vent the hair. i wonder if these things are better.

the dry me quick looks like it is more durable and a better quality


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Sally's used to sell the cool caps but they don't any longer :sad: If I can't find anything locally, I may try to make something to test it out. An oversized tshirt or a pillowcase would work.