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Crab oil?


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Hey Ladies there is this oil from my country Guyana called Crab Oil that's made by Amerindians. I noticed East Indians used it in their hair for growth and grey hair. My aunt used it when I was a child for grey hair but Idk if it worked for that, she stoppd using it because it smelled something terrible and when I say terrible I mean TERRIBLE. To the point where if you have to go out and you don't want people to look at you funny you'd HAVE to wash it out or risk crossed-eyed looks and up-turned noses from everyone. My sister just told me that she used it a few years ago and it made her hair grow faster. She doesn't remember what exactly the results were but it was noticeable and I believe her cuz she's not into hair and if she noticed that it means something. She stopped cuz she couldn't stand the smell and had to change her pillow case everyday and couldn't put her face on her pillow anymore. So has anyone heard of this or know it by another name? Any Guyanese or Caribbean people in here know where it can be bought in the US or anywhere else? Btw it has to be mixed with stuff like parafin oil and other high fragrance stuff to maks the smell and it still doesn't help much.


I'm about to ask someone back home to send me some. Plus I live in NY so I'll to by my nearby Guyanese store and ask about it.
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November 2020 --> 14 years natural!!!

Very interesting, I've never heard of it. But I enjoyed reading the article you posted. I would like to try it, I like natural oils for my hair.


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Sounds interesting but don't think I would purchase because of the smell, but I hope it works out for you.

I am one on a search high a low for something to cover the grey hair naturally or get rid of it all together (No I have not embraced it yet!) but I don't think I am willing to deall with a smell this strong.


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Mmmmm...crab oil drizzled on a light pasta...oh what....we are talking about hair care:)

~pardon me, I have not eaten lunch today~

But that does sound very interesting:yep:


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So I dug some more and decided to google the scientific name for it which is Carapa Guianensis. I found more info this way and found more names for it such as: Crabwood oil and Andiroba oil. I found that some Antitagrant hair products have this oil in it too as well as other companies that use it in some form. I'll call my aunt later to see when I could get it. Here are some links:




Thanks for reading. Off to dig some more.


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Update: My aunt is visiting from Guyana and brought some with her. OMG!!! It stinks to high hell. I poured it 50/50 in a 4oz nozzle bottle w/ some rosemary evoo I made and spiked the hell out of it with every single e.o. I have. Now one can't tell it is crab oil. It's normally used w/ parrafin oil because of it's high perfume smell but I couldn't get my aunt to buy it in time. Oh well, off to experiment. I'm already on a high protein diet si probably won't know which is working. Plus I recently started dancing.


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This is so interesting. ^^ Thanks for also doing the google searches. That helped a lot. So it seems that this tree is in the same family as mahogany & neem- both of which you know are throughout the Caribbean. And the oil is similar to neem oil- used the same way- e.g. traditional use as insecticide.

Also has tons of fatty acids e.g. omega-3s. So makes sense about the hair growth & the use by East Indians who also use neem oil. Very interesting how the same things are used all over the world.