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'craig' For The Win...raging White Man Gets Knocked Out — Twice — After Attacking Black Father


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An Oklahoma City man was knocked out twice and then arrested after harassing and attacking a black father at an apartment complex swimming pool.

Joshua Valentine was accused by witnesses and police of verbally and physically attacking the black man July 20 at the pool as he played with his children, reported KWTV-TV.

The 28-year-old Valentine allegedly punched the other man, who fought back and knocked out his assailant.

Valentine awoke a few minutes later and left the pool area, police said, but returned with a baseball bat.

Witnesses said he swung the bat at the black man, who fended him off with a chair and then punched him several times — knocking Valentine out a second time.

Police arrested Valentine, who was charged with malicious harassment based on race, and he spent six days in the the Oklahoma County Jail before he was released on bond


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I would feel unsafe since this offender came back with a bat. I would have to shoot him next time and claim stand my ground especially if they live in the same apartment complex.
Stand Your Ground only applies if the “perpetrator” is a person of color. Dude would have been in cuffs if he had shot him. They would have found all kinds of reasons to charge him with something.