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CURLFORMERS AGAIN! & Fotki Update! (pics)


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I took the PWs off my fotki in case anyone wants to browse thru and I added an album for my curlformers results here http://public.fotki.com/TexasSweet/my-second-year-of-h/2008-hairstyles/curlformers/

I purchased the kit with the 40 long and wide and 6 short and wide and I purchased 1 extra bag of the long and wide. I used all of the rollers except for 1 of the long ones and 4 of the short ones. My almost APL hair hung out of the short ones so I didn't want to take a chance with them and only used 2 in my nape area. I'm going to buy one more bag of 8 long so I don't have to part so wide. It was easy and I can definitely see myself doing more sets and buying the different sizes (after I get rid of all of my magnetic rollers of course!).

Here are the rollers. I tried to alternate the colors:

Here's the outcome, sorry its blurry:

Here's a close up of the curls:

And my fotki update is in my signature. ALMOST APL!!!:yay:
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That's not fair. Ya'll hogging all the curlformers!:ohwell::lachen: Your hair came out gorgeous! Ohh, thanks for showing how you did your CF set!:notworthy
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Just beautiful Texasqt...I did the same thing, I was so excited with the results of Curlformers on my natural hair that I created a fotki that will be dedicated to my curlformers sets!


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Y'all startin' to make me mad.

Don't y'all make me go out and buy another set of rollers (no matter how cute these look).

(sneaks off to find out more about Curlformers).


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Beautiful results :grin:~ But right at this moment, I can't see paying that much for some rollers :hand:. Bantu knots are FREE!

Maybe that will be my treat to myself once I reach full Armpit.